Institute for Physical Artificial Intelligence

Purdue University is building a world-leading program in artificial intelligence (AI). Leveraging Purdue’s signature strengths in materials science, engineering, microelectronics, computer science, agriculture and life sciences, the Institute for Physical AI (IPAI) is committed to solving the world’s toughest challenges.

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The Institute of Physical AI will couple scientists from across Purdue who bring interdisciplinary thinking and problem-solving to solve issues at the intersection of AI and a variety of critical functions, such as more efficient pharmaceutical manufacturing, digital forestry and more efficient transportation.

Karen Plaut

Executive Vice President for Research

AI Experts at Purdue

AI Experts at Purdue

AI is shaping almost every subject, every discipline and every career field as it evolves. Purdue’s often sought-after experts share their insights on topics including self-driving cars and human-AI interaction.

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IPAI Centers and Labs

IPAI Centers and Labs

Purdue has existing centers in a wide variety of areas that leverage Purdue’s research strengths to provide a foundation for rapid growth in research excellence in physical AI — including open agricultural data, neuromorphic computing, deepfake detection, edge AI systems, smart transportation data, AI-based manufacturing and more.

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Developing Emerging Leaders in Physical AI

Purdue connects emerging leaders to world-class experts in physical artificial intelligence and applied fields through a unique interdisciplinary program for postdoctoral researchers.

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IPAI Collaboration


Purdue University plays a leading role in the Institute for Agent-based Cyber Threat Intelligence and OperatioN (ACTION), a new National Artificial Intelligence Research Institute.  

In this role, Purdue leverages programs and initiatives from CERIAS, the Center for Education and Research in Information Assurance and Security, and provides expertise in key areas such as cyber-physical security; cyber-physical knowledge discovery, integration and reasoning; and human-AI agent collaboration. The $20 million project, led by UC Santa Barbara, is a collaboration among leading computer scientists and engineers from 12 universities across the nation.

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With potential to transform all aspects of everyday life, AI is shaping the next pursuit at Purdue University. Through its world-class programs, research and expertise, Purdue is guiding the advancement and future of artificial intelligence.

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