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Min-Ah Lee, PhD

Min-Ah Lee earned her Ph.D. from sociology in 2007 and also enrolled in the gerontology program at Purdue. After earning her Ph.D., she worked as a postdoctroal research associate at Cornell from July 2007 to Feb. 2009. She is currently an assistant professor in the department of sociology at Chung-Ang University, Seoul, Korea. Her major interests are health inequality, stress and physical health, and aging.

What do you remember best about your time in the Gerontology Program?

It were interdisciplinary courses. I took some classes in other departments beyond my home department (Sociology). It was great experience for me to learn different perspectives and paradigms on aging and meet diverse people.

Who were your mentors and what attributes did they have that helped you?

All in the center on aging and the life course. They always encouraged me to pursue my goals and were great friends and colleges as well as mentors.

How did you get interested in gerontology?

I got interested in gerontology while I was working with my professor, Dr. Ferraro. Actually, I did not know much about gerontology itself and just had interests on health inequality across racial/ethnic groups, but realized that aging was really important subjects after Dr. Ferraro became my adviser.

What research experiences did you have at Purdue that helped form your current agenda?

So many experiences. One of the most memorable research experiences is research on the physical limitations of widowed people. Associations between the context of spousal loss and the health of widowed people is still one of my current research topics.

Anything else you would like to add?

Experiencing and learning gerontology as an interdisciplinary program will be really great for everyone.