2022 Focus Award Recipients - Staff

Max Dryer & Virginia Cabrera

Max Dryer, web developer for Student Success, and Virginia Cabrera, Senior Assistant Director of Orientation Programs, created a “Sensory Guide” to help Boiler Gold Rush (“BGR”) participants make informed decisions about what to participate in during BGR.

When Dryer and Cabrera became aware that some students had difficulty fully participating in BGR experiences, they developed the Sensory Guide to provide information to students about what to expect at various orientation activities. The Sensory Guide indicated what events contained auditory and visual stimulation, what activities involved large group participation, and the exertional expectations for physical activities. 

A Post-BGR assessment found that those who used the Sensory Guide were more prepared to navigate BGR and felt more capable and more included in the campus community. The Association for Orientation, Transition and Retention in Higher Education recognized Dryer and Cabrera with the “Innovation Orientation Program Award” at the NODA Annual Conference in Orlando, FL on October 23, 2021.