Being an International Guest in Host-A-Boiler

Are you an international student who would like to celebrate an upcoming holiday with a local family? Host-a-Boiler offers the chance for you to participate in a one-time meet up with a local individual/family over the Purdue holiday breaks (Thanksgiving and winter break).

Details about participating in Host-a-Boiler:

  • A one-time meet up preferably in a local family/individual’s home. Once signed up, your matched host will extend the invitation and provide meet up details to you.
  • Usually, the meet up is a meal or activity, but it is not an overnight stay.
  • Hosts often invite other students, their families, and even friends to also participate in the meal/activity.
  • You will be responsible for providing dietary needs/restrictions to your matched host so that they can prepare adequately.
  • Make sure to show your thanks/appreciation to your host!

Click here for more details about participating in Host-a-Boiler, then sign up here and we will match you with a local host/family.  

Leah Bechtold
Host-A-Boiler Program Coordinator
Email: ifp@purdue.edu

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