Nathan Bitner at the Purdue University's 2023 Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium

Nathan Bitner at the Purdue University's 2023 Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium

Summer Research Program

CILMAR's Summer Research Program invites undergraduate and graduate students to work on research problems related to intercultural learning. Projects may be qualitative, quantitative, or mixed method. Students undergo research training under the guidance of an expert. Students work with their assigned mentors to identify the problem, read related literature, conduct data analysis, and write up the results. The output of the summer research program is in the form of a published manuscript, conference presentation, white papers etc.

Eligibility: student must be enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program at Purdue University
Duration: six-weeks
Number of Positions: 3 to 4
Recruitment: early each spring semester

A note to faculty: We welcome faculty who have collected data on intercultural learning to also participate in the program. To get started, please send a short paragraph proposal describing the potential research to be conducted during the summer timeframe to

Publications from 2021-2022

Jaiswal, A., Masters, C., Jin, L., Inani T.*, Schenkel, A.*, Sapkota, M.*, & Krishnan, L., (Under-review).  It’s Never Too Soon! Comparing Intercultural Learning Outcomes of Undergraduate Students via Face-to-face and Online Teaching Modalities. Perspectives of the ASHA Special Interest Groups

Jin, L., Jaiswal, A., McLure, S., Sapkota, M.*, Jones, D., & Stahl, A., (Under Review).  Enhancing Intercultural Learning in Study Abroad through a Novel Online Curriculum in Group-mentored Intervention. Frontiers: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Study Abroad

*Summer research mentees

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