Welcome to CILMAR, International Program's

Center for Intercultural Learning, Mentorship, Assessment and Research

The Center for Intercultural Learning, Mentorship, Assessment and Research is a unit within the Office of the Dean of International Programs.

Young Hall, Suite 120
155 S. Grant Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2114
Phone: (765) 494-9399
Fax: (765) 496-1989
Email: cilmar@purdue.edu

CILMAR Staff Directory

*All director-level and specialist staff members contribute to efforts pertaining to intercultural training and consultations, the mentoring of students while studying abroad, as well as debriefing sessions for those who have taken the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI).

Dr. Kris Acheson-Clair Dr. Kris Acheson-Clair

Director of CILMAR
Young Hall, Suite 120
Phone: (765) 494-1711
Email: krisac@purdue.edu

Kris Acheson-Clair, PhD, is CILMAR’s director and holds a courtesy faculty appointment in the Brian Lamb School of Communication within the College of Liberal Arts. Her responsibilities include:

  • overseeing the strategic planning for CILMAR
  • management of Intercultural Learning Specialists and their projects
  • providing intercultural research support

Although CILMAR is the brain-child of the visionary Dean of International Programs Michael A. Brzezinski, Kris has been largely responsible for operationalizing the CILMAR dream. Read more

Annete Benson Annette Benson

Senior Public Relations Consultant
Young Hall, Suite 120
Phone: (765) 494-0614
Email: annetteb@purdue.edu

Annette Benson, MS, is CILMAR's senior public relations consultant. Her responsibilities include:

  • External and internal stakeholder communication branding
  • Management of the Intercultural Learning Hub (HubICL)

Because of her intimate connection with the HubICL from its earliest stages, she possesses a wealth of knowledge concerning interactive intercultural learning activities and assessments and often shares best practices in creating and sharing new ICL tools at conferences and workshops. Read more

Aletha Stahl Aletha Stahl

Senior Intercultural Learning Specialist
Young Hall, Suite 120
Phone: (765) 494-8463
Email: stahl23@purdue.edu

Aletha Stahl, PhD, is a senior intercultural learning specialist at CILMAR and is an affiliated faculty member in the Comparative Literature program, School of Interdisciplinary Studies, College of Liberal Arts. Her responsibilities include:

  • working with faculty on curricular needs assessments and intervention design
  • managing the faculty/staff program Growing Intercultural Leaders
  • developing curricula.

Following more than two decades as a faculty member at a small liberal arts college, Aletha came to Purdue to broaden her understanding of higher education and to deepen her knowledge and skillset of all things intercultural by partnering with faculty and staff as they mentor and teach. Read more

Dan Jones Dan Jones

Senior Intercultural Learning Specialist
Young Hall, Suite 120
Phone: (765) 496-3084
Email: dcjones@purdue.edu

Daniel C. Jones, PhD, is a Senior Intercultural Learning Specialist at CILMAR. His responsibilities include:

  • overseeing intercultural mentoring for study abroad students in Semester Abroad in Intercultural Learning (SAIL) scholarship courses
  • providing intercultural training to faculty and staff in the Intercultural Pedagogy Grant (IPG) program and the Virtual Experiential Intercultural Learning (VEIL) Grant program

As a PhD candidate in German Literature, Dan began his intercultural career as the first Graduate Assistant in Intercultural Learning to Katherine Yngve, who at the time was the only Intercultural Specialist at Purdue University—making Dan the original GAIL. Having learned from the staff of International Programs, what would become the new Center for Intercultural Learning, Dan now manages his own GAILs and has helped, in his own way, to shape CILMAR and its mission. Read more

Lan Jin Lan Jin

Intercultural Research Specialist
Young Hall, Suite 120
Phone: (765) 494-4352
Email: lanjin@purdue.edu

Lan Jin, PhD, is the intercultural research specialist at CILMAR. Her responsibilities include:

  • CILMAR Mini-Grants
  • research support - writing group and consultations
  • research collaborations

The most recent hire on the CILMAR staff, Lan has made big contributions in publishing work in ICL, developing grant projects, and supporting Purdue faculty, staff and students in ICL-related research. Read more

Jodie Wallace Jodie Wallace

Lead Administrative Assistant
Young Hall, Suite 120
Phone: (765) 496-6085
Email: wallac35@purdue.edu

Jodie Wallace is the lead administrative assistant at CILMAR. Her responsibilities include:

  • general office management
  • budgeting and calendaring

Read more

Danielle Schiewer

Danielle Schiewer
Administrative Assistant
Young Hall, Suit 120
Phone: (765) 494-9399
Email: dschiewe@purdue.edu

Katherine Yngve Katherine Yngve

Intercultural Learning Outcomes Specialist, IDA+A
Young Hall, Room 956
Phone: (765) 496-3076
Email: kyngve@purdue.edu

Katherine Yngve, MA, is an intercultural learning outcomes specialist in the Institutional Data Analytics + Assessment (IDA+A) department within the Office of the Provost,  Her responsibilities include:

  • assessment training, consultations, and support
  • institutional and inter-institutional research
  • study abroad intercultural learning outcomes assessment
  • IDI qualifying seminars and debriefing calendar
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