Virtual Intercultural Learning Opportunities for Purdue Students

CILMAR offers high quality virtual opportunities for students to experience profound lessons in intercultural learning--not because we are in a pandemic which postponed study abroad--but because intercultural learning can be accomplished effectively both virtually and face-to-face. 

Portable Intercultural Modules (PIM)

CILMAR offers a number of intercultural learning modules through Brightspace. These modules are designed as autonomous learning experiences that non-expert instructors and co-curricular facilitators can use. If you are in leadership of a student organization and are interested in using the PIM with your membership, please contact Dr. Aletha Stahl, stahl23@purdue.edu, for information on how to offer PIM to those in your student organization.

Virtual Intercultural Learning Database

Including courses designed by professors from many different colleges, the Virtual Intercultural Learning Database was designed to showcase virtual interactive opportunities for students enrolled in a Purdue course. Purdue login is required. For more information, please contact cilmar@purdue.edu.

VIP Global

Some CILMAR projects--sponsored through CILMAR's VEIL program for faculty--include international Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP) research teams, teams we are calling VIP Global. Although VIP was originally only for engineering students, VIP Global projects are open to other majors, also. For more information, please contact cilmar@purdue.edu.

Justice-Equity-Diversity-Inclusion (JEDI) Course List

Each semester, the Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging (ODIB)Institutional Data Analytics + Assessment (IDA+A), and CILMAR work together to create a list of undergraduate courses that cover the themes of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI). JEDI lists assist our students in choosing courses--in partnership with their advisors--which cause them to more deeply understand racial and cultural differences, grasp the importance of current social movements, and navigate them all effectively and appropriately. Each course on this list addresses one of the following five attributes of equity and inclusion competency: recognizing human variability, respecting identities, understanding systems of power, reflecting on gender and power, and improving interpersonal bridging skills. Students and advisors can search the attribute JEDI in Cognos.

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As Nastasha Johnson, associate professor of library science and DDI provost fellow points out, "Becoming a JEDI master takes years of hard work, but beginning or deepening the apprenticeship journey takes only one small step."

Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) Debriefs

It is the privilege of staff members from Global Partnership & Programs--Office of International Students and Scholars, Office of Study Abroad, and the Center for Intercultural Learning, Mentorship, Assessment and Research (CILMAR)--along with faculty and staff from every college on Purdue's campus, to come alongside of those who take the Intercultural Development Inventory to help them understand the findings of the assessment and to set a course for intercultural growth. 

If your professor has asked you to take the IDI, please go here to sign up. Please contact your debriefer for the location of your debrief.