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These websites are presented only as helpful resources and may not be fully representative of Purdue's Web Accessibility Policy. If you use a checklist below, please refer to the Policy to ensure that your site meets the necessary requirements.

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Technical Questions


Accessibility Evaluation Tools

If you are going to be checking multiple web pages, a toolbar plugin should be used instead of the online application. Unlike the online application, the toolbar plugin will allow you to check password-protected pages and pages with dynamically generated content.

Color Checkers

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Document and Video Accessibility

PDFs and Adobe Documents

Microsoft Office Documents

Video Accessibility

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HTML5 Accessibility

This site is a resource to provide information about which HTML5 user interface features are accessibility supported in browsers, making them usable by people who rely upon assistive technology (AT) to use the web.


Microsoft Accessibility

The Microsoft Accessibility page offers accessibility guidance and information in relation to their products. To view a specific page, click on a topic below.

Accessibility features built into Microsoft products

(i.e., Windows, Internet Explorer and MSN, Office, Hardware, Web Publishing, etc.)

Documentation in accessible formats for Microsoft products

(i.e., Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Media technologies, Internet Explorer, Office 2010, Office 2007, Office 2003, Office XP, FrontPage, PhotoDraw 2000, Publisher, and Developer Tools & Servers)

Accessibility tutorials for Microsoft products: Windows, Office, and Internet

Guides by impairment: vision, dexterity and mobility, hearing, learning, language and communication

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Educational Opportunities

For those interested in participating in the Accessible Technology Webinar Series from their computer, the Great Lakes ADA Center is offering the series free of charge to those who register. To obtain more information go to https://adagreat.powweb.com/. For more information on the series visit https://adagreat.powweb.com/Webinar/AccessibleTechnology/.


Articles and Other Resources


The Office of the Vice President for Ethics and Compliance has purchased  several books written by Karen McCall, an expert in creating accessible PDFs, in order to assist the University community in creating such documents.  These resource books, listed below, are available for a one-week check out at the Hicks Undergraduate Library reference collection area:

  • Accessible and Usable PDF Documents: Techniques for Document Author, Third Edition
  • Logical Document Structure Handbook: Microsoft Word 2010
  • Logical Document Structure Handbook: Microsoft Word 2007
  • Document Structure Handbook: PowerPoint 2010
  • Document Structure Handbook: PowerPoint 2007

Her books on document structure explain why, and how, to include structure in files that will be converted to PDF documents. Structure is used by persons with disabilities to navigate documents.

To find any of these books, library staff suggest searching under the author name, Karen McCall.  If an item is checked out, a “hold” can be placed on it.  When the item is returned, an email is generated for the next person that the item has been returned and is ready for them at the Hicks Undergraduate Library.
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