Tailgate Recycling Team

At Purdue, we combine our love of sports with our drive to be more sustainable. The Office of Campus Master Planning & Sustainability launched the Tailgate Recycling Program in 2012. The Purdue Boilermakers football program, part of the Big Ten Conference, generates home game attendance of more than 200,000 loyal fans. Given that participation level, Tailgate Team Recycling has some great potential. During the inaugural 2012 season, CMP&S collected a total of 13,380 pounds of mixed recyclable material, with an average diversion rate of 16.7% per game. We went from a low of 5.3% diversion rate at the first game to a high of 18.3% diversion rate for the last game of the season. Since 2012, Purdue's Tailgate Recycling Team has grown the diversion rate from 2012's 16.7% up to the most recent season's (2016) rate of 34%!