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September 13, 2013

Self-identification audit set to begin

The Office of Institutional Equity and Human Resources are preparing for the annual affirmative action plan. A part of this preparation is an audit of self-identification data for all employees.

If the audit indicates that self-identification data is missing for an employee, the employee will receive an email generated by the audit process inviting the employee to provide self-identification information by going to Employee Self-Service in OnePurdue or accessing the Self Identification Compliance Form on the Human Resources website.

If you are a recipient of an email sent by the Office of Institutional Equity asking you for self-identification information, this is a legitimate email being sent by the University seeking your assistance with our efforts to comply with federal affirmative action program requirements.

Employees are asked to consider providing their self-identification information to the University. Any questions about the email should be directed to the Office of Institutional Equity at 49-47253 or equity@purdue.edu.