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January 7, 2013

University policy update

The Executive Policy Review Group (EPRG) took action on two system-wide policies at its December meeting.

The policies are:

* Volunteers, Interim (VI.B.2): Interim status of this policy was extended to June 30.

* University-Sponsored Social Media Outlets (VII.C.2): This new policy, effective Feb. 1, outlines approval, registration and usage requirements for social media outlets that are used in an official capacity by a college, school, department, office, program or other unit of the University.

In addition, the policy on Delegation of Authority (V.B.5) was approved by the president and is effective as of Jan. 1. It outlines the delegation of the president’s authority to executive officers and supersedes Executive Memorandum C-10.

 The complete text of these policies may be found on the University Policies website.