Center for the Environment


Purdue students, faculty, and staff gather at the 2013 Sustainability Summit, a student-initiated event designed to enhance partnerships, increase collaboration opportunities, and showcase student sustainability projects.

Purdue University offers several environmental graduate degree programs, an environmental policy graduate certificate program, and several undergraduate degree programs that provide students with the opportunity to study environmental issues from an interdisciplinary perspective and to learn about the environmental challenges facing the world today.  The Center for the Environment serves as a partner to these programs, helping to provide research opportunities to our students, working with faculty to design innovative, interdisciplinary courses, and convening interdisciplinary workshops and seminars to enhance dialogue on environmental challenges and their solutions.  The Center also works to increase the visibility of our student-led environmental groups and to help find opportunities to move their ideas into action.

The Gerald D. and Edna E. Mann Hall, home to the Center for the Environment's administrative offices.