Black Cultural Center

The Black Cultural Center provides purposeful, holistic, scholarly and cocurricular programming designed to strengthen understanding of African American heritage. It enhances the academic, cultural and social development of the entire Purdue community.

Performing Arts Ensembles

Providing cultural education through the arts is the principal objective of the Black Cultural Center’s performing arts ensembles. The BCC has institutionalized a curriculum-based programming model that provides a balance between performing (dance, theater, music, and creative expression) and learning about the social, political and historical bases of artistic traditions in African diaspora cultures. Professional artists-in-residence provide master-class instruction and prepare students for local and regional performance engagements. Students of diverse ethnicities and cultures join the ensembles and experience a supportive environment.

Cultural Arts Series

The Black Cultural Center is actively engaged in the academic life of the University through the presentation of the Cultural Arts Series. The series features prominent scholars, performing artists and Purdue alumni and enhances the intellectual, cultural and social development of the community. The Cultural Arts Series is presented throughout the academic year and highlights those who have contributed extensively to human rights, business and education. Students and visitors enjoy a full calendar of events, including guest lectures, workshops, seminars and other activities.

Facility Tour

The Black Cultural Center is a nationally recognized repository of information on Black history and culture. Two of the center’s most treasured resources are its extensive library and striking art collection. Committed to supporting academic excellence and leadership development, the Black Cultural Center offers a deep well of resources and opportunities to students.

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Purdue University's Black Cultural Center is a vibrant element of University life, offering a wealth of programs and services for the entire campus community. We bring together the wonderful diversity of the Purdue family by nurturing and presenting the rich heritage of the African American experience through art, history and cultural understanding. By donating to the Black Cultural Center, you help strengthen the center’s impact on Purdue and the community.

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Join us on Friday or Saturday to get a sneak peek at what we’ve been learning about New Orleans!
Join the BCC in erecting an Altar for those who have lost their lives due to injustice and inequity. 
Bring your own trinket, poem, candle, etc or create something at one of the drop in days listed. 
The altar will go up at PMU on Nov 2.
Jamming in the 2nd Line workshop at NOLA research Tour
Turbo Tuesday at the BCC

Crafts + Coloring + Meditation + Music Videos + Breathing Exercises + Free Snacks

Turbo Tuesday at the BCC is all about self care. 
Drop in for snacks, meditation, yoga, crafts, and games. 
Starting Oct 3rd (all are welcome!)
Freddi Williams Evans will tell the fascinating history of Congo Square, a place where enslaved Africans congregated on Sundays in New Orleans. A space that signifies cultural memory, traditional spiritual practices and artistic expression.