Supply Chain Resilience in the COVID Age

10. Panel / Q and A Session

Roy Vasher moderates the question -and -answer session. State Representative Chris Campbell discusses impact of COVID-19 on unemployment and homelessness, the impact of the stimulus packet, food insecurity, and rental housing rule adaptations during the pandemic. Marcy Alstott discusses the challenges in finding U.S. manufacturing such as cost, capability, and automation. Kevin Sheehan discusses if food shortages in the meat industry would happen again if we faced another challenging health crisis in the future. Kevin believes that the industry would be able to handle another problem without shortages as they have had the experiences to be able to handle it should it happen again.


Roy Vasher - WHIN Education Consultant & Assistant Professor, Purdue University
Chris Campbell - State Representative
Marcy Alstott - Managing Director at On Tap Consulting
Kevin Sheehan - Director Processor Engagement, National Pork Board

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