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Ralph W. and Grace M. Showalter Research Trust Award Recipients


  • Qinglan Ding, School of Nursing, “Machine learning for diabetes and pre-diabetes screening: Leveraging routinely collected health data and social and behavioral determinants of health,” $75,000
  • James Dooley, Department of Biological Sciences, “Transiently expressed presynaptic serotonin receptors selectively inhibit sensory feedback in infants during wake but not sleep,” $75,000
  • Brandon Kistler, Department of Nutrition Science, “The effects of replacing red meat with plant-based protein in a traditional low protein diet on microbially-derived uremic toxins in people with chronic kidney disease,” $75,000
  • Can Li, Davidson School of Chemical Engineering, “Analysis of Single-Cell RNA Datasets for Immune Stem Cells Using Large Language Models,” $75,000
  • Lauren Ann Metskas, Department of Biological Sciences, “Enzyme Scaffolding in Bacterial Microcompartments,” $75,000
  • Thivanka Muthumalage, School of Health Sciences, “THC-Derivatives-Containing Aerosols-Induced Pulmonary Toxicity and Disease Susceptibility”, $75,000
  • Valerie O’Brien, Department of Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology, “Characterization and pharmacological targeting of epidermal growth factor receptor signaling during gastric pre-cancer,” $75,000
  • Yu She, School of Industrial Engineering, “Feeling the Difference: High-Resolution Tactile Mapping in Surgery,” $75,000
  • Deandrae Lynette Smith, Department of Food Science, “Increasing Gut Fermentability of Insoluble Dietary Fiber in Corn Through Radiofrequency Processing,” $75,000
  • Sudip Vhaduri, Department of Computer and Information Technology, “Utilizing Acoustic Patterns of Seasonal Flu, Idiopathic, and Pathological Coughs to Enable Rapid and Differential Respiratory Disease Diagnosis,” $75,000
  • Weicang Wang, Department of Food Science, “Unveiling the functional role of the EpOMEs-JNK pathway in modulating obesity-induced hepatic inflammation,” $75,000
  • Chi Zhang, Department of Chemistry, “Controlling cell fate via site-specific molecular perturbation,” $75,000


  • Priyanka Baloni, School of Health Sciences, “Identifying metabolic signatures associated with PFAS exposure and their role in neurotoxicity,” $75,000
  • Annabel Biruete, Department of Nutrition Science, “The effects of dietary fiber on intestinal phosphorus absorption and the gut microbiome in chronic kidney disease,” $75,000
  • Igor Alexandre Fernandes, Department of Health and Kinesiology, “The pulmonary baroreflex as a neurovascular modulator: a possible therapeutic target for chronic sympathetic overactivity in aging,” $75,000
  • Hana Hall, Biochemistry, “m6A as a regulator of R-loop homeostasis and genome stability in Alzheimer’s disease,” $75,000
  • Qixin He, Biological Sciences, “Decoding Gene Composition of Strains in Mixed Infections: Statistical Methods and Empirical Comparisons”, $75,000
  • Joseph Makin, Elmore School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, “Understanding Primate Auditory Cortex with Deep Neural Networks,” $75,000
  • Christopher A. Rice, Department of Comparative Pathobiology, “Central Nervous System (CNS) permeable drug discovery against pathogenic free-living amoebae causing meningitis disease in humans,” $75,000
  • Kurt D. Ristroph, Agricultural and Biological Engineering, “Scalable targeted nanocarrier formulations to improve the bioavailability and efficacy of cabozantinib for prostate cancer,” $75,000
  • Natalia M. Rodriguez, Public Health, “Addressing Cervical Cancer Disparities Among Homeless Women,” $75,000
  • Shankar Thangamani, Comparative Pathobiology, “Microbiota Regulation of Candida auris Skin Colonization,” $75,000
  • Patricia M Wolf, Nutrition Science, “Determining associations between oral cysteine exposure and bacteria that produce genotoxic hydrogen sulfide via cysteine metabolism,” $75,000
  • Ranjie Xu, Department of Basic Medical Sciences, “Dissecting human microglial function in Alzheimer’s disease using human induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC)-based human microglial models,” $75,000


  • Deva D. Chan, Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering, “Neural basis of movement-associated pain in post-traumatic osteoarthritis,” $75,000
  • Letian Dou, Davidson School of Chemical Engineering, “Synthesis, Characterization, and Environmental/Biological Impacts of Chemically Recyclable Polyolefin Polymers,” $75,000
  • Daniel M. Hirai, Chemistry, “Sex-specific therapeutics in heart failure with preserved ejection fraction,” $75,000
  • Adam Kimbrough, Basic Medical Sciences, “Identification of a neuronal circuit involved in oxycodone withdrawal,” $75,000
  • Christoph Kondradt, Comparative Pathobiology,“The Role of IL-27 During Placental Infections,” $75,000
  • Shalini Low-Nam, Chemistry, “Phosphoinositide shaping of engineered T cell signaling and activity,” $75,000
  • James F. Markworth, Animal Sciences, “Aspirin-triggered lipid mediators in muscle injury and repair,” $75,000
  • Eun Joong Oh, Food Science, “Fermentation of Oligosaccharides by Metabolically Engineered Yeast to Alleviate Functional Bowel Disorder Symptoms,” $75,000
  • Shin Ae Park, Veterinary Clinical Sciences, “Biomechanics of Optic Nerve Head: A Potential Glaucoma Therapeutic Target?” $75,000
  • Lavanya Reddivari, Food Science, “Fiber intolerance, gut bacterial dysbiosis and inflammation in gut health,” $75,000
  • Matthew Scarpelli, Health Sciences, “Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Tumor Associated Macrophages and Myeloid-Derived Suppressor Cells,” $75,000


  • Kajal Gulati, Agricultural Economics: “Strategies for increasing food safety practices among smallholder farmers: The case of aflatoxins reduction in Senegal” $74,926
  • Jason Hanna, Biological Sciences: “CRISPR-Cas9 genome engineering to identify drivers of angiosarcoma” $75,000
  • Brock Harpur, Entomology: “How does a honey bee reverse cognitive decline: Characterizing the roles of taxonomically novel proteins in regulating senescence” $75,000
  • Greg Henderson, Nutrition Science: “Altering lipid metabolism to improve insulin sensitivity: impaired exercise capacity as a potential side effect” $75,000
  • Krishna Jayant, Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering: “Role of fibrillar alpha‐synuclein strains in motor learning deficits in Parkinson's Disease” $75,000
  • Robert Nawrocki, Engineering Technology: “Stretchable and Breathable Nanomesh Electrode Array for Transdermal Stimulation of Deep Nerves in Human Subjects” $75,000
  • Jonathan Pasternak, Animal Sciences: “Understanding Hormonal regulation of systemic and reproductive immunity” $75,000
  • Carlos Perez-Torres, Health Sciences: “Protective effect of genetic inhibition of neuroinflammation in radiation-induced brain injury” $75,000
  • Scott Pluta, Biological Sciences: “Neural mechanisms underlying selective attention” $75,000
  • Allison Schaser, Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences: “A new approach toward the development of cranial sensorimotor assays to diagnose and treat synuclein-specific neurodegeneration” $75,000
  • Luis Solorio, Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering: “Determining the role of mechanotransduction in metastatic breast cancer” $75,000


  • Brittany Allen-Petersen, Biological Sciences: “The role of PP2A B56α in regulating pancreatic tumorigenesis,” $75,000
  • Uma Aryal, Comparative Pathobiology: “Proteomic analysis of endogenous protein complexes and phosphorylation in the liver of diet-induced obese mice,” $75,000
  • Abram Axelrod, Chemistry: “Engineering Macrophage Polarization Through an Immunoglobulin G/Histidine Rich Glycoprotein Hybrid,” $75,000
  • Xiaoping Bao, Davidson School of Chemical Engineering: “Rapid and Efficient Generation of Off-the-Shelf Immune Cells from Human Pluripotent Stem Cells (hPSCs) for Cancer Immunotherapy,” $75,000
  • Tzu-Wen Cross, Nutrition Science: “The interplay between the gut microbiome and the endocrine system,” $75,000
  • Maria Dadarlat Makin, Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering: “Using deep artificial neural networks to develop artificial sensation for neural prostheses,” $75,000
  • Uzay Emir, Health Sciences: “Investigating the Cerebellar Crus I abnormalities in autism spectrum disorders using ultra-high resolution magnetic resonance spectroscopy imaging,” $75,000
  • Sa Liu, Health Sciences: “Tetrachloroethylene (PCE) contamination and children's health in Martinsville, IN,” $75,000
  • Matthew Olson, Biological Sciences: “STAT3-dependent cytokine and transcription factors in the differentiation of pathogenic CD4+ T helper cells in graft-versus-host disease,” $75,000
  • Andrea Pires Santos, Comparative Pathobiology: “Architecture, function and gene regulation of human granulomas of autopsied patients co-infected with tuberculosis and HIV-1,” $75,000
  • Joshua Widhalm, Horticulture and Landscape Architecture: “Synthetic organelle biology: Investigating the potential of using heterologous organelles to treat human diseases,” $75,000


  • Chad Carroll, Health and Kinesiology: “Mechanisms underlying tendon dysfunction associated with diabetes,” $73,206
  • Leifu Chang, Biological Sciences: “Molecular mechanism of the augmin complex in mitotic spindle assembly,” $75,000
  • Shelley Claridge, Chemistry: “Transforming the Cell Membrane to Guide Cell Growth,” $75,000
  • Majid Kazemian, Biochemistry and Computer Science: “Immune checkpoint therapy for Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) associated tumors,” $75,000
  • Nadia Lanman, Comparative Pathobiology: “Developing a novel method for predicting drug response in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma using a naturally-occurring canine model system,” $75,000
  • Seung-Oe Lim, Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology: “A new immuno-oncology drug development to combat acquired resistance to cancer immunotherapy,” $75,000
  • Stephen Lindemann, Food Science and Nutrition Science: “In vitro and in silico models to identify the role of oligosaccharide metabolism in enteropathogenesis,” $74,855
  • Elizabeth Parkinson, Chemistry: “Discovery of bioactive natural products by inducing biosynthetic gene clusters,” $75,000
  • Joseph Rispoli, Biomedical Engineering: “High b-value diffusion magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy to probe tumor morphometry in different breast cancer subtypes,” $75,000
  • Kevin Solomon, Agricultural and Biological Engineering: “Sequence specific contributions to NgAgo stability and function for gene-editing applications,” $75,000
  • Darci Trader, Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology: “Targeting Cancer Cells with an Immunoproteasome-Selective Prodrug Strategy,” $75,000


  • Amy Brewster, Psychological Sciences: “Trem2 dysfunction in epilepsy,” $75,000
  • Srividya Iyer-Biswas, Physics & Astronomy: “Emergent Physical Laws Governing Stochastic Single-Cell Aging,” $74,997
  • Chi Hwan Lee, Biomedical and Mechanical Engineering, & Georgia Malandraki, Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences: “Tele-EaT sensors: Wearable technology for the tele-rehabilitation of dysphagia,” $65,000
  • Christina Li, Chemistry: “Sinter-resistant core-shell catalysts for carbon monoxide oxidation prepared via colloidal ligand exchange,” $65,000
  • Jacqueline Linnes, Biomedical Engineering: “Detection platform for substance use monitoring in sweat,” $75,000
  • Tiffany Lyle, Comparative Pathobiology: “Functional Blood-Tumor Barrier Pathology in Brain Metastases of Lung Cancer,” $74,999
  • Sandro Matosevic, Industrial and Physical Pharmacy: “Identifying altered metabolic programs of natural killer cells in the tumor microenvironment to improve cancer immunotherapy,” $75,000
  • Mark Sayles, Biomedical Engineering and Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences: “Effects of noise-induced hearing loss on binaural processing of complex sounds,” $75,000
  • Benita Sjögren, Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology: “Molecular basis for F-box protein 44 substrate recognition,” $75,000
  • Ellen Wells, Health Sciences: “Metal contamination and children’s health in East Chicago,” $75,000
  • Yang Yang, Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology: “Determine the roles of keratinocytes in chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy using an in vitro co-culture model,” $75,000


  • Birgit Cabot, Animal Sciences: “Chromatin Remodeling and Embryonic Origins of Adult Disease,” $73,480
  • Gaurav Chopra, Chemistry: “Multi-target Potent Synthetic Leads for Castration Resistant Prostate Cancer,” $75,000
  • Alexander Chubykin, Biological Sciences: “Theta Oscillations in Visual Cortex of Alzheimer’s Disease Mice”, $75,000
  • Nana Gletsu Miller, Nutrition Science: “Translational Studies on the Effects of Dietary Fats on Glycemia and Insulin Action,” $75,000
  • Jeremy Lohman, Biochemistry: “Catching Fatty Acid Biosynthetic Enzymes in the Act with a Non-natural Amino Acid,” $75,000
  • Jianguo Mei, Chemistry: “Looking Deeper into the Tissues: Nanostructured Semiconducting Polymers Absorbing in the Second Near-Infrared Window (1.1-1.8 μm) for Photoacoustic Imaging,” $75,000
  • Sujith Puthiyaveetil, Biochemistry: “The Structural Basis of a Serine/Threonine-type Kinase Activity in the Chloroplast Sensor Kinase,” $75,000
  • Bruno Tesini Roseguini, Health and Kinesiology: “Effects of Heat Treatment on Collateral Growth, Skeletal Muscle Capillarization and Fatigue Resistance in a Preclinical Model of Peripheral Arterial Disease,” $75,000
  • Jonathan Shannahan, Health Sciences: “Disease-Related variations in Response to Nanoparticle Exposure,” $75,000
  • Darci J. Trader, Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology: “Discovery of Proteasome Stimulators to Treat Diseases Associated with Protein Accumulation,” $75,000
  • Qi Zhou, Industrial and Physical Pharmacy: “Novel Inhalation Therapies for Treatment of Fatal Gram-negative Lung Infections,” $75,000


  • Sarah Calve, Biomedical Engineering: “Design of 3D Hydrogels for the Treatment of Volumetric Muscle Loss,” $74,622
  • Qing Deng, Biological Sciences: “Mechanisms of Mitochondria-regulated Neutrophil Motility in Vivo,” $75,000
  • Abigail Engelberth, Agricultural and Biological Engineering, Environmental and Ecological Engineering, and Laboratory of Renewable Resources Engineering: “Biologically Mediated Concentration and Recovery of Metal”, $75,000
  • Marxa L. Figueiredo, Basic Medical Sciences: “Targeted Chondrogenic Nanoparticles for Promoting Endogenous Joint Repair in Osteoarthritis,” $72,439
  • Daniel Flaherty, Chemistry: “Discovery of Novel and Selective Inhibitors for Ubiquitin C-terminal Hydrolase 1 (UCHL1),” $75,000
  • Craig J. Goergen, Biomedical Engineering: “Vibrational Photoacoustic Tomography for Breast Tumor Margin Assessment,” $72,439
  • Humaira Gowher, Biochemistry: “Molecular mechanism of a highly prevalent DNMT3A mutation in Acute Myeloid Leukemia,” $75,000
  • Kathleen M. Hill Gallant, Nutrition Science: “Effect of Renal Function on Intestinal Phosphorus Absorption in Chronic Kidney Disease-Mineral Bone Disorder in Rats,” $75,000
  • Nicholas Noinaj, Biological Sciences: “Targeting the BAM Complex for Antibiotic Development against Neisseria Gonorrhoeae,” $75,000
  • Amisha D. Shah, Civil Engineering and Environmental and Ecological Engineering: “Formation and Adsorption of Toxic Disinfection By-products by Building Plastic Pipes during Drinking Water Distribution,” $70,500
  • Gyeong Mee Yoon, Botany and Plant Pathology: “The Roles of a RAF-like Protein Kinase CTR1 in Ethylene Signaling Pathway,” $75,000


  • Meng Deng, agricultural and biological engineering: “Polymer-based therapeutics for treatment of obesity and diabetes,” $75,000
  • Jessica M. Ellis, nutrition science: “Targeting fatty acid oxidation to treat insulin resistance,” $75,000
  • Keke Fairfax, comparative pathobiology: “Schistosoma Mansoni infection during pregnancy: dissecting the implications to fetal immunity,” $75,000
  • Rajamani Gounder, chemical engineering: “Removal of methane contaminants in groundwater caused by hydraulic fracturing using hydrophobic zeolites as absorbents,” $75,000
  • Andrea Kasinski, biological sciences and chemistry: “Enhancing microrna treatment for non-small cell lung cancer,” $75,000
  • Tamara Kinzer-Ursem, biomedical engineering: “Surface optimization for selective protein capture and high-throughput assay development,” $75,000
  • Angeline Lyon, chemistry and biological sciences: “Regulation of phospholipase cε, a key regulator of calcium signaling,” $75,000
  • Andrew Mugler, physics and astronomy: “Integrated theoretical and experimental model of collective tumor cell invasion,” $75,000
  • Mathew Tantama, chemistry: “Imaging mitochondrial oxidative stress in parkinson's disease,” $75,000
  • Sandra D. Taylor, veterinary clinical sciences: “Mesenchymal stem cells for treatment of sepsis,” $75,000
  • Michael K. Wendt, medicinal chemistry and molecular pharmacology: “Targeting fibroblast growth factor receptor (FGFR) to prevent matrix-mediated breast cancer metastasis,” $75,000


  • Brian Dilkes, horticulture and landscape architecture: “Precise and efficient identification of rare disease-relevant alleles in mouse,” $62,500
  • Emily Dykhuizen, medicinal chemistry and molecular pharmacology: “Development of chromatin remodeling inhibitors to investigate and treat a wide spectrum of human cancers,” $75,000
  • Nancy Emery, biological sciences: “Linking hydrological variability and plant community organization in natural and restored wetlands,” $62,500
  • Tara Henagan, nutrition science: “Exercise-induced epigenetic regulation of mitochondrial function,” $62,500
  • Casey Krusemark, medicinal chemistry and molecular pharmacology: “DNA encoding to enable discovery of active small molecules,” $75,000
  • Jianming Li, Center for Paralysis Research: “Rapid prototype tissue engineering: Use of 3-D printing to fabricate microtubular collagen-based scaffolds,” $75,000
  • Seema Mattoo, biological sciences: “Investigate the role of novel Fic proteins in bacterial pathogenesis,” $75,000
  • Barbara Stefanska, nutrition science: “DNA methylation biomarkers of risk prediction, early detection and prognosis in primary liver cancer: Associations with polyphenol intake,” $75,000
  • Richard van Rijn, medicinal chemistry and molecular pharmacology: “New mechanism for modulating opioid receptor mediated analgesia,” $75,000
  • Vikki Weake, biochemistry: “Misregulation of stress-induced gene expression in the aging eye,” $75,000
  • Jer-Yen Yang, basic medical sciences: “Examining AMP-activated protein kinase and hedgehog transcriptional factor gil1 in pediatric brain tumor development,” $75,000


Each Showalter recipient was awarded $75,000

  • Chun-Ju (Alice) Chang, Basic Medical Sciences, “Noninvasive Imaging of miR-200c as a Biomarker for Early Detection of Aggressive Breast Cancer”
  • Joseph T. Kappock, Biochemistry, “Tracking an Iron-sulfur Cluster through the Cytoplasm through a Novel Yeast Metabolic Screen”
  • Yue Wu, Chemical Engineering, “Reduction of Heat Pollution in Water from Power Industry Using Thermoelectric-based Refrigeration”
  • Jason Cannon, Health Sciences, “Mechanisms of PhlP-mediated Neurotoxicity and Relevance to Parkinson's Disease”
  • Jun Chen, Mechanical Engineering, “Development of a Noninvasive, Virtual Stethoscopy Procedure”
  • Yoon Yeo, Industrial and Physical Pharmacy, “Zwitterionic Chitosan as an LPS Antagonist for the Treatment of Sepsis”
  • Haley Oliver, Food Science, “Transcriptional Regulator of Stress Survival and Virulence, ơB as a Potential Drug Target in Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA)”
  • GuangJun Zhang, Comparative Pathobiology, “Identify Novel Cancer Driver Genes on Chromosome 4q and 12q in Human Malignant Peripheral Nerve Sheath Tumors”
  • Mingji Dai, Chemistry, “Targeting Cancer with Natural and Synthetic Hydropyran/Hydrofuran-containing Macrolides”
  • Silvia Stan, Nutrition Science, “Effect of Garlic-derived Bioactive Compound Diallyl Trisulfide (DATS) on Pancreatic Cancer Stem Cells”


  • Bryan W. Boudouris, chemical engineering, “Synthesis and Microstructural Characterization of Functional Block Copolymer Membranes for Enhanced Therapeutic Protein Purification,” $75,000
  • Albert Bowers and Tony R. Hazbun, medicinal chemistry and molecular pharmacology, “Harnessing Orphan Drugs: Accessing the Anticancer Activity of Thiazolyl Peptides,” $73,302
  • Ryan Drenan, medicinal chemistry and molecular pharmacology and Julia A. Chester, psychological sciences, “Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors as Therapeutic Targets in Parkinson's Disease,” $75,000
  • Yava Jones, comparative pathobiology, Doug LaCount, medicinal chemistry and molecular pharmacology, V. Jo Davisson, medicinal chemistry and molecular pharmacology and Harm HogenEsch , school of veterinary medicine, “Selective Antagonism of v-ATPase to Treat Viral Infection,” $75,995
  • Shihuan Kuang, animal sciences and Riyi Shi, basic medical sciences, “Bioactive Scaffolds for Highly Efficient Muscle Regeneration,” $75,000
  • Wanqing Liu, medicinal chemistry and molecular pharmacology and Min Zhang, statistics, “A Genome-wide Integrated Analysis of MicroRNAs in Human Hepatic Fat Accumulation,” $75,000
  • Amy Lossie, animal sciences and Joseph Irudayaraj, agricultural and biological engineering, “Quantification and Real-time Imaging of Pre-MicroRNAs/mRNAs in Live Cells Using Super-Resolution,” $75,000
  • Russell Main, basic medical sciences, “Estrogen Receptor Beta is Critical in Governing Skeletal Growth and the Anabolic Response to Mechanical Stimuli,” $74,947
  • Kinam Park, biomedical engineering, “Glucose Detection in Exhaled Breath Condensate,” $60,000
  • Mohamed Seleem, comparative pathobiology and Mark Cushman, medicinal chemistry and molecular pharmacology, “Development of Novel Antimicrobial Compounds Against Multidrug Resistance Bacterial Pathogens, Including Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA),” $75,000


  • Kinam Park, Distinguished Showalter Professor, Biomedical Engineering, “Drug-eluding Balloon for Cardiovascular Diseases,” $60,000
  • Bennett Elzey, Comparative Pathobiology, “A Synthetic Lethal Interaction between Plk1 and PTEN in Prostate Cancer,” $75,000
  • Chongli Yuan, Chemical Engineering, “Effects of Chromosome Structure on Gene Transcription Activity,” $75,000
  • M. Fernanda San Martin-Gonzalez, Food Science, “Bacteriophage Coatings of Seeds for Increased Food Safety,” $60,761
  • Xiaoqi Liu, Biochemistry, “Plk1 in Gemcitabine Resistance of Pancreatic Cancer,” $75,000
  • Corey Neu, Biomedical Engineering, “Magnetic Resonance Instrumentation for Single Cell Microscopy and Spectroscopy,” $75,000
  • David Colby, Medicinal Chemistry & Molecular Pharmacology, “Fluorinated Molecules for the Treatment of Drug Addiction,” $75,000
  • Kee-Hong Kim, Food Science, “Role of Glycated Dietary Proteins in Lipid Dysfunction of Adipose Tissue  and Muscle in Aging,”  $75,000
  • Yulia Pushkar, Physics, “Analysis of Molecular Mechanisms of Adult Neurogenesis and Brain Repair by Synchrotron Based Biomedical X-ray Imaging and Spectroscopy,” $66,000
  • Teimour Maleki, Birck Nanotechnology, Discovery Park, “Photo-Electrochemical oxygenation of retinal Ischemic Tissue through Targeted Metallic Nanowire Delivery to the Hypoxic Cell,” $66,000


  • Kolapo M. Ajuwon, animal sciences, “The Role of Maternal and Infant Nutrition on Epigenetic Regulation of Metabolic,” $75,000
  • Gabriel J. Bowen, earth & atmospheric sciences, “Hydrological Controls on Nitrogen Dynamics in Artificially Drained Agricultural Watersheds,” $75,000
  • David A. Colby, medicinal chemistry & molecular pharmacology, “Natural Products and Structurally-Related Derivatives for the Treatment of Parkinson's Disease,” $75,000
  • Jennifer L. Freeman, health sciences, “Alteration of Reelin — a Nerve Growth Regulatory Gene by Low Dose Lead (Pb) Exposure: A Novel Mechanism of the "Fetal Origin of Neurological Disorders,” $75,000
  • Joseph P. Garner, animal science, “A Novel Rat Model of Pre-Diagnosis Cognitive Symptoms in Parkinson's Disease,” $75,000
  • Julia Kirshner, biological sciences, “Nonlinear Optical Imaging to Measure Dynamics of Bone Marrow Colonization in a Novel 3-D Culture Model of Breast Cancer Metastasis,” $75,000
  • Yuk Fai Leung and Daisuke Kihara, biological sciences, computer science/biological sciences, “Elucidating Genetic Pathways for Curing Retinal Degeneration” $75,000
  • R. Timothy Bentley, veterinary clinical science, “Canine Glioma Cancer Stem Cells as a New Translational Cancer Model,” $72,000  
    This application was reduced by the amount of travel expenses claimed for a meeting in Aspen, Colorado, an upscale meeting location. The Selection Committee is sensitive, in a time of austerity, to avoid any appearance that Showalter funds are used for investigator recreation.
  • Brian R. Overholser, pharmacy practice, “Calcium-Dependent Regulation of a Cardiac Voltage-Gated Potassium Channel: Mechanisms Underlying a Trial Fibrillation during Heart Failure,” $63,000  
    This grant was made with funds remaining at the end of the analysis of Purdue proposals. There was not enough funding in the allocated $720,000 total to allow greater than the $63,000 grant. The Selection Committee assumed that adjustments could be made in the grant proposal and that useful and good work would result even though funding is slightly lower than requested.
  • Kinam Park, biomedical engineering, “Microcapsules for Long-Term Protein Delivery,” $60,000


  • Kinam Park — $60,000, biomedical engineering, “In-vitro Drug Screening for Endothelial Growth.”
  • Joseph Ogas and Yuk Fai Leung — $75,000, biochemistry, biological sciences, “Role of the CHD5 Chromatin Remodeler in Zebrafish Development — a Potential Tumorigenesis Model.”
  • Kee-Hong Kim, Ji-Xin Cheng, and Mario Ferruzzi — $75,000, food sciences, biomedical engineer­ing, “Anti-obese Function of Curcumin.”
  • David Umulis, Chang Lu, James Clemens, Ji-Xin Cheng, and Gregery T. Buzzard — $75,000, agricultural and biological engineering, biomedical engineering, mathematics, “Live Imaging and Computational Analysis of Bone Morphogenetic Proteins in Drosophila Embryos.”
  • Ji-Xin Cheng and Sophie Lelievre — $75,000, biomedical engineering, basic medical sciences, “High-Throughput Screening of Breast Cancer Risk Factors via Real Time Imaging of Three-dimensional Culture of Phenotypically Normal Epithelium.”
  • Julie Liu — $64,000, chemical engineering, “Spatially Patterned Vasculature for Tissue Engineering.”
  • Sean Newcomer and Christopher Bidwell — $75,000, health and kinesiology, animal sciences, “Influence of Gene Expression on the Development and Progression of Atherosclerosis.”
  • Laurie J. Parker and Jan-Christophe Rochet — $75,000, medicinal chemistry and molecular pharmacology, “Impact of Neuronal Microenvironment and Kinase Inhibitors on Apoptosis-related Neurodegeneration in Alzheimer's Disease.”
  • Ulrike Dydak and Wei Zheng — $50,000, health sciences, “New Therapeutic Treatment of Man­ganese Parkinsonism by Para-amino Salicylic Acid: Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy Study,”
  • Erik Barton and Douglas J. LaCount — $75,000, biological sciences, medicinal chemistry and molecular pharmacology, “Functional Analysis of Interferon-stimulated Genes.”
  • Susan Mendrysa and Stephen F. Konieczny — $50,000, basic medical sciences, biological sciences, “MDM2 as a Therapeutic Target in Pancreatic Cancer.”


  • Masaru Rao, Mechanical Engineering, $74,992, "Development of Advanced Multifunctional Brain- machine Interface Devices with Enhanced Reliability for Chronic Implantation Applications"
  • SRiyi Shi, Basic Medical Sciences, $43,000, "Functional and Anatomical Nerve Fusion by PEG and Chitosan-hydrogel"
  • Yoon Yeo, Industrial & Physical Pharmacy, $75,000, "Intracellularly Transformable Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery to Multi-drug Resistant Cells"
  • Roman Pogranichniy, Comparative Pathobiology, $75,000, "Development of an Efficient, Safe Vaccine against Influenza Virus Group A (H1N1 Spanish-like flu virus) Using a Novel Plasmid Delivery Method into Swine Antigen Presenting Cells"
  • James Fleet, Foods and Nutrition, $75,000, "Genome-wide Examination of Binding Sites for Transcription Factors Responsible for Prostate Cancer Prevention"
  • Dor Ben-Amotz, Chemistry/Bindley, $75,000, "High Speed Chemical Imaging of Live Cells using a Compressive Sampling Spectrometer"
  • Greg Hockerman, Medicinal Chemistry & Molecular Pharmacology, $75,000, "Chiral g- substituted, g- Aminobutyric Acids as Potential Drugs to treat Epilepsy and Neuropathic Pain"
  • Garth Simpson, Chemistry, $75,000, "Protein Crystallization Microchip with Nonlinear Optical Readout"
  • Sylvie Brouder, Agronomy, $75,000, "Comparative Biofuel Productivity Potential and Carbon, Nitrogen, and Water Economies of Switchgrass, Miscanthus, Maize and a Low-Input, Big Bluestem-Dominated Prairie"
  • Hugo Ochoa-Acuna, Comparative Pathobiology, $75,000, "Exposure to Atrazine during Pregnancy and its Impact on Infant Health"


  • Ryan Cabot and Scott Briggs, animal sciences, biochemistry, $75,000, “Alterations in Chromatin Structure and Embryonic Origins of Disease.”
  • Stacey Mobley, Andy Tao and Laura Sands, foods and nutrition, biochemistry, nursing, $75,000, “Novel Proteomic Approaches for Early Detection of Metabolis Syndrome in Obese Adults.”
  • Chris Rochet and Tony Hazbun, medicinal chemistry & molecular pharmacology, $75,000, “DJ-1: An ‘On-switch' for Cell Survival Pathways in the Brain.”
  • M. Teresa Carvajal and Masaru Rao, industrial & physical pharmacy, mechanical engineering, $74,820, “Microfabrication of Respirable Particles as an Alternative Approach to Formulation.”
  • Donna Fekete, Daniel Szeto, Zhao-Qing Luo, Paul Collodi and Kenneth Robinson, biological sciences, animal sciences, $40,000, “Zebrafish as a Model Organism for Development and Disease.”
  • Ourania Andrisani and Xiaoq Liu, basic medical sciences, biochemistry, $75,000, “Role of Polo-like Kinase (Plk1) in Liver Cancer Development Mediated by the Hepatitis B Virus X Protein.”
  • Susan Mendrysa and Tony R. Hazbun, basic medical sciences, medicinal chemistry and molecular pharmacy, $73,405, “Identification of Novel Anti- Cancer Drug Targets in Cells Overexpressing LYar.”
  • Mark Hall, Tony R. Hazbun and Harry Charbonneau, biochemistry, Bindley Bioscience Center, medicinal chemistry and molecular pharmacy, $60,000, “Cell Cycle Regulatory Functions of the 14-3-3 Protein Family.”
  • Kevin Gurney, Paul Shepson and Ahmed Elmagarmid, earth and atmospheric science, agronomy, computer science, Purdue Climate Control Research Center, $74,591, “The “Hestia” Project: Supporting Climate Science, Policy and Planning at Purdue.”


  • Cheng, Ji-Xin and Shi, Riyi, Biomedical Engineering/Basic Medical Sciences, "Better Repair of Spinal Cord Injury with Polymer Micelle based Nanomedicine," $65,000.
  • Donkin, Shawn and Teegarden, Dorothy, Animal Sciences/Foods and Nutrition, "Fetal Programming, Fructose, and Insulin Resistance," $65,000
  • Hockerman, Gregory H. and Watts, Val, Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology, "Potentiation of Insulin Secretion by GLP-1 Receptor Agonsits: Synergism and Forskolin and Potential Small Molecule Agonists," $75,000
  • Kane, Mike and Fleet, James and Donkin, Shawn, Computer and Information Technology/Foods and Nutrition/Animal Sciences, "Transcriptional Regulation Profiling of Genes Relevant to Prostate Cancer Progression," $73,581
  • LaCount, Douglas and Kuhn, Richard, Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology/Biological Sciences, "Identification of Human Protein Binding Partners of Dengue Virus Proteins," $75,000
  • Lipton, Mark and Chmielewski, Jean, Chemistry/Chemical Engineering, "Blocking Anthrax Toxin Interactions with Designed Agents," $65,000
  • Michalski, Greg and Niyogi, Devdutta and Joern, Brad, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences/Agronomy, "From Sources to Sinks - A Novel Isotopic Analysis of Nitrate Loading in Groundwater and Surface Runoff in Indiana Watersheds," $75,000
  • Mohammed, Sulma and Adamec, Jiri and Zhang, Xiang, Veterinary Pathobiology/Bindley Bioscience Center, "The Use of Proteomics to Determine Pathways of Metastasis," $65,000


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  • Machaty, Zoltan and Bidwell, Christopher, Animal Sciences, “The Production of Adiponectin-Deficient Transgenic Pigs,” $75,000
  • Mittal, Suresh, Veterinary Pathobiology, “Enhancing Innate and Adaptive Immune Functions in Aging to Improve Vaccine Efficacy,” $75,000
  • Riese, David and Watts, Val, Medicinal Chemistry & Molecular Pharmacology, “Identification of a Potential Mechanism By Which Parkinson's Disease Patients Exhibit an Elevated Rick of Breast Cancer,” $75,000
  • Rochet, Jean-Christophe and Davisson, V. Jo, Medicinal Chemistry & Molecular Pharmacology, “A Link Between Oxidative Stress, Protein Aggregation, and Aging,” $75,000
  • Rundell, Ann, Biomedical Engineering, “Improved Resuscitation from Cardiac Arrest with Artificial Peripheral Resistance,” $25,000
  • Youngblood, Jeffrey and Applegate, Bruce, Materials Engineering/Food Science,” Hydrophilized Polymeric Bactericides for Medical Applications,” $75,000


  • Camarillo, Ignacio and Mohammed, Sulma, Biological Sciences/Veterinary Pathobiology, “Analysis of Mammary Adipocyte gene Expression in an Obese Rat Model of Breast Cancer," $75,000
  • Engel, Bernard; Beyrouty, Craig; Lee, Linda; Mannering, Fred; and Govindaraju, Rao, Agricultural and Biological Engineering/Agronomy/Civil Engineering, "Fate and Transport of Livestock Antibiotics in Indiana Watersheds," $75,000
  • Feng, Zhilan, Mathematics, "Mathematical approaches for the study of control of emerging/re-emerging infectious diseases," $66,666
  • Fleet, James and Wu, Jing, Foods and Nutrition/Statistics, "Defining the Molecular Regulators Controlling the Development of a Functionally Mature Intestine," $75,000
  • Spurlock, Michael; Moody, Diane; and Hogenesch, Harm, Animal Sciences/Veterinary Pathobiology, "Development of a Porcine Model of the Human Metabolic Syndrome," $75,000
  • Webster, Thomas; Friedman, Alan; Fleet, James; Weaver, Connie; and Weatherman, Ross, Biomedical Engineering/Biological Sciences/Foods & Nutrition/Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology, "Development of Intelligent, Nanotechnology-based Materials for the Prevention and Treatment of Osteoporotic Bone," $66,666
  • Won, You-Yeon and Konieczny, Stephen Chemical Engineering/Biological Sciences, "A Novel Virus-Mimetic Approach for Gene Therapy," $66,666


  • Anderson, John, Biological Sciences, "Synthesis and Characterization of a Novel Drug that Displays Specificity for the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and Other Pathogens," $75,000
  • Andres, Ronald and Thompson, David, Chemical Engineering/Chemistry, "Development of Folic Acid Labeled Magnetic Nanoparticles for the MRI Identification and Hyperthermia Treatment of Cancer," $75,000
  • Bailey-Kellogg, Chris, Rothwell, Ian, and Laskowski, Michael, Computer Science/Chemistry, "Distribution Functions of Standard Free Energies of Protein-Protein Association," $74,800
  • Collodi, Paul, Animal Sciences, "Applications of Gene-Targeting Methods of Zebrafish," $72,500
  • Haberstroh, Karen, Biomedical Engineering, "The Use of Nano-Dimensional Bladder Tissue Replacement Constructs for the Treatment of Superficial Bladder Cancers," $75,000
  • Lee, Linda, Mannering, Fred, and Jafvert, Chad, Agronomy/Civil Engineering, "Occurrence and Fate of Emerging Organic Contaminants in Land-Applied Municipal Biosolids," $74,900
  • Rundell, Ann and Forney, James, Biomedical Engineering/Biochemistry, "Development of a Cell Based Pathogen Detection Biosensor Exploiting the Selective Activation of Innate Immune Cells," $75,000


  • Chen, Jue, Kuhn, Richard, and Rossmann, Michael, Biological Sciences, "Molecular Mechanism of Flavivirus Entry," $99,500
  • Golden, Barbara, Biochemistry, "Analysis of Virus Packaging Signals and Their Implications for Antiviral Drug Development," $100,000
  • Rao, P. Suresh; Jafvert, Chad; Hua, Inez; and Lee, Linda, Civil Engineering/Agronomy, "Innovative Technologies for Accelerated Groundwater Cleanup and Remediation Performance Assessment at Contaminated Sites," $99,952
  • Shepson, Paul and McMillin, David, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences/Chemistry, "Studies of the Impact of Atmospheric Nitrogen Deposition on the Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide by North American Forests," $100,000
  • Simpson, Garth, Chemistry, "Dielectrophoretic Force Microscopy for Ultrahigh Resolution Imaging in Solution," $100,000


  • Amass, Sandra, Veterinary Clinical Sciences, "Animal Agroterrorism: Biosecurity Procedures for Emergency Responders," $83,000
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  • Friedman, Alan; Lee, Gill; Taparowsky, Elizabeth; and Bashir, Rashid, Biological Sciences/Chemical Engineering/ Biomedical Engineering/Electrical & Computer Engineering, "Research Cluster for the Application of Synthetic DNA Analogues in Chemical Biology and Biotechnology," $83,000
  • McGough, Amy; Asai, David; Baker, Timothy; Kuhn, Richard; Rossmann, Michael; and Staiger, Christopher, Biological Sciences, "Cynamics of Biological Machines," $83,000
  • Morris, Kenneth, Industrial & Physical Pharmacy, "Dielectric Analysis Determination of the Rehydration Stability of Dehydration-Labile," $37,000
  • Wilker, Jonathan; Shi, Riyi; and Stroshine, Richard, Chemistry/Basic Medical Sciences/Agricultural & Biological Engineering, "Biological Adhesives for Surgical Applications," $83,000

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