Call for Proposals for Innovation Grants and Innovation Fellows

Introducing the Innovation Hub 

As part of the Transformative Education 2.0 Purdue Move, and with generous financial support from the Lilly Endowment, the Office of the Provost invites applications for a new funding program related to the Innovation Hub. The Innovation Hub is an engine and incubator for innovation in teaching and learning, supporting the Provost’s goal of making Purdue the most innovative residential learning program in the US among large research universities. We engaged in a deliberate process to build a vision, involving a launch team in early 2021 composed of faculty from across the university. That team put forth a vision for the scope, structure, and leadership of Purdue’s Innovation College, which includes two key teaching and learning components: the Office of Experiential Education and the Innovation Hub. 

Funding Programs 

Starting today, Innovation Hub is accepting proposals for three exciting programs: innovation grantsinnovation fellows, and Butler-Purdue fellows. This first set of funding opportunities has been a long time in the making. We’ve thought through our mission and values, the current and future needs in higher education for teaching and learning, and the goals and aspirations expressed in the Lilly Endowment funding proposal. This whole process involved a lot of thinking, planning, consultation, and feedback, including benchmarking against peer institutions with respect to innovations in teaching and learning. The result is a set of funding opportunities that we believe serves the university community’s interests while tapping into their innovative spirit and entrepreneurial moxie. 

Getting Started 

These funding opportunities offer the Purdue community multiple ways to craft their proposals so that they have the best chance of being funded. We’ll start with a set of recorded webinars (grants program: January 25 at 3 pm [register], fellowship programs: January 26 at 1 pm [register]) that introduce these opportunities to the Purdue community, follow up with drop-in office hours with Innovation Hub leadership, and throughout the process we encourage proposers to send one-page summaries of their ideas for feedback from the Innovation Hub director.  

We hope you will join us on this journey, and Boiler Up!