Our Goal

To further promote and share all of the great resources Purdue has to offer for families, children’s well-being, preventive health, and community engagement.

First Lady YingKei Hui’s mission is to enhance alumni engagement, foster local community collaboration and serve as an advocate for children’s well-being, preventive health care, and opportunities to support all Purdue families. In her role as First Lady, she also hopes to function as a catalyst for new Purdue families to integrate and thrive in a beautiful and rapidly growing community. Dr. Hui’s passions revolve around promoting children’s general well-being and practical learning. She volunteers at her children’s schools whenever time allows and hopes to bolster the community’s pre-schools and before- and after- school programs. She is also deeply committed to health promotion and preventive care at the community level. She looks forward to collaborating with the many community partners in her areas of interest.