Pathmaker Internship Program™

There is no program at Purdue that I'm more excited about. An internship gives students experience and exposure, but most importantly, real world practice in their chosen field of study. All evidence, including the Gallup-Purdue Index, tells us that internships lead to more engaged employees with skills that employers value the most.

Mitch E. Daniels, Jr., Purdue President

What is Pathmaker?

The Pathmaker Internship Program provides an innovative approach for corporations to achieve short-term goals while attracting top-tier employees. We welcome companies from all industries that are interested in employing student interns from among the 120-plus majors at Purdue.

Companies – What You Will Gain

You will receive access to a skilled, affordable workforce. Pathmaker interns work directly for your company and under its supervision. You pay no fee to Purdue; the only expenses are for your company’s operations.

More Information
Undergraduate degree chart for 2018: 704 in Agriculture, 1685 in Engineering, 1068 in Health and Human Sciences, 651 in Liberal Arts, 1143 in Management, 980 in Science, 821 in PolyTech

Students – What You Will Do

As an intern, you will perform entry-level technical work for companies while still enrolled full time at Purdue. All internships are located on campus, in nearby Purdue Research Park or within the Lafayette/West Lafayette area.


What Are the Benefits?


You will have the chance to...

  • Jump-start career development
  • Enhance your resume
  • Gain leadership experience through the Student Advisory Council
  • Interact with professional mentors
  • Improve organizational skills and build confidence
  • Earn money

Corporate Partners

Your company will have the opportunity to...

  • Access skilled workers from diverse majors
  • Fill positions for limited-duration, entry level work
  • Convert interns into full-time hires
  • Reduce future turnover and onboarding costs
  • Enhance company name recognition

How Do I Get Started?


  • Register at Pathmaker Signup
  • Log into MYCCO to apply for a position
  • Follow Pathmaker on Facebook at “Purdue University Pathmaker Internship Program”
  • Know your visa requirements if you are an international student

Corporate Partners

  • Plan the logistics
  • Market your internships by posting jobs, promoting opportunities via Facebook and communicating with registered students
  • Establish best practices for managing your interns