Purdue GPP Semester Study Abroad Scholarship

Purdue Global Partnerships and Programs (GPP) study abroad scholarships are available in 2024-25 to assist undergraduate students of any major with the costs associated with a study abroad semester long program. Scholarship amounts vary up to $5000 (see chart below). Students participating in semester long programs should also consider applying for the Study Abroad Intercultural Learning Scholarship for an additional funding opportunity. Note: The Purdue Moves Scholarship ends in Summer 2024.


  • Must be a Purdue West Lafayette undergraduate degree seeking student to apply.
  • Must be participating in a credit bearing approved study abroad program through Purdue University during the 2024-2025 academic year.
  • Must be a US Citizen or Permanent Resident.
  • Applicants must have a current FAFSA on file with Purdue stating a federally calculated Total Family Income* of $100,000 or less.  Students who do not have a current FAFSA on file should view the instructions listed on the Division of Financial Aid website to get started.
    • Note:  Criteria subject to change
  • Students are only eligible for one Semester-long GPP Scholarship during their Purdue career.
  • Eligibility includes students applying to participate in study abroad the term immediately after graduation.

Application Process

  • Students must enroll for an approved program on the Study Abroad website:  http://www.purdue.edu/IPPU/SA/Programs/SearchGuide.html?
  • After enrollment, students may access their My Study Abroad page via the Study Abroad homepage:  www.purdue.edu/IPPU/SA. The application is available on this site.
  • Please note that the system downloads academic information (2-3 days) before the application will display on the student page.
  • Students do not need to be in accepted status to apply.

Priority Deadlines

  • Fall Semester 2024 or 2024-25 Academic Year programs – April 1.
  • Spring Semester 2025 or Calendar Year 2025 programs – November 1.
  • Applications may be submitted after the priority deadline, although distribution of funds may be delayed.
  • Applications will be available on the student's My Study Abroad page until one day prior to departure.  No scholarship applications will be accepted after this date.
Total Family Income
Term Abroad $50,000
or less
$50,001 -
$75,001 -
$100,001 or
Semester or greater $5000 $4000 $3000 Ineligible

Note: Eligibility and award amounts for full-time full-semester program are valid through Spring Semester 2025. 

*Total Family Income = total of parent and student Adjusted Gross Income and reported untaxed income (examples include tax-deferred pension contribution, IRA and Keogh deductions, child support received, tax-exempt interest, and untaxed IRA distributions) for both student and parent.