Purdue Moves Summer/Short Term Scholarship

Purdue Moves Scholarships are available to assist undergraduate students of any major with cost associated with a short term study abroad/study away program. Scholarship amounts vary (see chart below). The Purdue Moves Scholarship program ends in Summer 2024.


  • Must be a Purdue West Lafayette undergraduate degree seeking student to apply.
  • Must be participating in a credit bearing approved study abroad/study away* program through Purdue University during one of the terms listed below.
  • Must be a US citizen or Permanent Resident.
  • Applicants must have a current FAFSA on file with Purdue stating a verified federally calculated Total Family Income (see limits below).  Students who do not have a current FAFSA on file should view the instructions listed on the Division of Financial Aid website to get started.
  • Students are only eligible for one short term award during their Purdue career (regardless of amount).
  • Eligibility includes students applying to participate in study abroad the term immediately after graduation. =URL=

Application Process

  • Students must enroll for an approved short term program on the Study Abroad website: https://www.purdue.edu/IPPU/SA/.
  • After enrollment, students may access their My Study Abroad page on the Study Abroad website: https://www.purdue.edu/IPPU/SA/. The application is available on this site.
  • Please note that the system downloads academic information (2-3 days) before the application will display on the student page.
  • Students do not need to be in accepted status to apply.

Priority Deadlines

  • Winter Break - October 1
  • Spring Break - January 15
  • Summer – April 1
  • Applications may be submitted after the priority deadline, although distribution of funds may be delayed.
  • Applications will be available on the student's My Study Abroad page until two days prior to departure.  No scholarship applications will be accepted after this date.

2023-24 Terms

Scholarship Eligibility

Study Abroad/Study Away* Term Total Family Income
or less
$100,001 or more
Winter Flex 2023/24 -  less than 14 days $700 $400 $200 Ineligible
Winter Flex 2023/24- 14 day program or greater $1500 $1000 $800 Ineligible
Spring Break 2024 $700 $400 $200 Ineligible
Summer 2024 - less than 14 day program $1000 $700 $500 Ineligible
Summer 2024 - 14 day program or greater $1500 $1000 $800 Ineligible
Summer 2024 - Program duration at least 6 weeks off campus and earning 6 or more credits $2200 $1500 $1000 Ineligible

Note: Eligibility and award amounts are valid through Summer 2024.

* Study Away scholarships are currently only available for winter flex and spring break approved programs.

Total Family Income: total of parent and student Adjusted Gross Income and reported untaxed income (examples include tax-deferred pension contribution, IRA and Keogh deductions, child support received, tax-exempt interest, and untaxed IRA distributions) for both student and parent.