Care@Work benefit in place to help with caregiving needs, behavioral health, more

Everyone, at some level, has struggled or continues to struggle with the pandemic and expectations at both work and home. Uncertainty and competing demands for time, for instance, continues to hit those in the community with family commitments and caregiving responsibilities extra hard. To help support the behavioral health needs of caregivers in regards to alleviating the stress and worry associated with the demands of childcare and / or elder care, Human Resources introduced Care@Work by for benefits-eligible Purdue faculty and staff.

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“Not only does our partnership with align with the work-life integration pillar of our Healthy Boiler Program, it also aligns with the behavioral health pillar in that having this additional benefit can help reassure parents and caregivers they have trusted options when care is needed,” explained Candace Shaffer, senior director of benefits in Human Resources. “Care for kids, adult loved ones, pets and even your home is available.”

The Purdue University Senate, “The State of Caregiving, Wave 4 Survey Fact Sheet,” reports:

  • 2 percent of Purdue employees report caregiving responsibilities
  • 8 percent report needing backup care at times
  • 70 percent feel overwhelmed by caregiving responsibilities

However, the current utilization rate by Purdue employees of the Care@Work benefit is only 13 percent, which shows that there is more capacity available for this added benefit to provide to the Purdue population.

Care@Work benefits

As a reminder, via a customized portal and free membership for Purdue employees, benefits-eligible faculty and staff have the ability to search and find affordable caregivers – including childcare, senior care and pet care – along with other services such as tutoring, housekeeping services and more.

Backup Care Options include:

In-Home Backup
10 days per year in-home copay: $8
Out-of-home Backup Childcare 10 days per year at a childcare or family childcare center, made on a space available basis
*Note: Backup childcare can be schedule in advance if you know your child(ren) will be out of school, etc.
In-Home Backup Adult Care 10 days per year for non-medical services, including companionship, meal prep, light housekeeping, medication

Multiple search options are available for care for kids and adult loved ones. For example, when searching for care for kids, employees can opt to search on their own, find backup care or search to help save on early education. For adult and senior care, employees can search on their own or for backup care.

For more details on the benefit, see the “It’s easy to find the care you need!” website.

COVID-19 practices in place by Care@Work

The Care@Work team understands and appreciates the concerns caregivers are facing in terms of childcare and more because of COVID-19. Practices specific to COVID-19, which are in a question and answer format, is available for families to have on hand via the “What Families and Caregivers Should Know About Coronavirus web page.


The team is available to assist with any questions via email at