Healthy Boiler’s back with wellness incentive, user-friendly portal submission for 2020

For the third year in a row, the Healthy Boiler Program is back with an incentive piece. Employees can earn $325 (employee only) or $650 (employee + spouse, employee + child or employee + family) as additions to their Health Savings Account (HSA) or Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) for completing their annual physical and biometrics screening as part of Healthy Boiler 2020.

Employees must register and set up their Healthy Boiler account before their spouses may register.

Note: In order to receive the incentive credit, employees and spouses each need to have their own separate Healthy Boiler accounts to submit their individual information.

  • Go to and click Register.

  • Complete the required registration information.
    • If you are the Purdue employee, select “Employee” for Member Type.
    • If you are the spouse of a Purdue employee, select “Employee Spouse” for Member Type.

  • Under Eligibility Information, Purdue employees enter your 10-digit PUID number and first and last name as it appears on your pay stub. Spouses should enter their legal first and last name along with employees PUID number.

  • Continue as prompted to finish registration.

Submitting information is now easier than ever

The portal’s EARN tab has been enhanced with a more user-friendly navigation and submission feature for your 2020 information. You will upload the provider form and input your biometrics data into the form fields within the EARN tab and hit submit. No other steps are required. Take a virtual tour of the Healthy Boiler Portal to learn more.

Earn Tab

Once you click “submit,” you will see a pop-up message that reads your form was submitted. Once the form has been processed (allow up to two business days), you will receive an email from “” with the subject line “Your Healthy Boiler Incentive has been processed.” Email message will read:

“Thank you for participating in the Healthy Boiler incentive program! Your form has been successfully processed. Incentive payments will be deposited after the end of each quarter on the last paycheck of one of the following months: January, April, July and October. For more information about your Healthy Boiler payment, click here.”

At this time, the 2020 Incentive Program stamp in the bottom right corner of the portal home page will change from a red incomplete to a green complete stamp. More information and instructions on registering and completing your incentive activities can be found in this video.

The 2020 Healthy Boiler Program runs from Oct. 1, 2019, through Sept. 30, 2020. All information must be submitted by Sept. 30, 2020, to earn the 2020 wellness incentive.

Curious about your 2019 incentive status? Review your 2019 incentive results

Since the 2020 program is now live, 2019 completion boxes are in a new location. To confirm your completion for the 2019 program year, click on the “See Your 2019 Incentive Results Here” in the left side navigation of the EARN tab. You will see the green completed check mark if you earned incentives in 2019 and the amount you earned – whether employee only ($325) or employee plus ($650).

Healthy Boiler Program overview

In 2018, Purdue University, in partnership with the Center for Healthy Living on Purdue’s West Lafayette campus, introduced its Healthy Boiler Wellness Program to promote wellness within the university population. Today, the program’s reach extend past simply the incentive portion. Composed of five pillars (behavioral health, financial wellness, physical health, social wellness and work-life integration), the program provides care in each area by offering cost-controlled benefits and easily accessible resources that help Purdue employees (and their families) across all campuses transform their lives into the healthiest, happiest versions possible.

To stay up-to-date on all things Healthy Boiler, visit the Healthy Boiler Portal and follow the Healthy Boiler Purdue blog and Healthy Boiler on social media via the icons below.





Any questions regarding the Healthy Boiler Program can be directed to Human Resources at hr@purdue.eduHRHelp (secure email) or by phone at 765-494-2222 or toll-free at 877-725-0222.

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