Reminder: September 30 is the deadline to earn Healthy Boiler 2019 incentives

We can’t remind you enough that you still have time to earn the 2019 Healthy Boiler incentives! The deadline to complete and upload your physical and biometrics screening information into the Healthy Boiler portal is Sept. 30, 2019. The program provides employees the opportunity to earn $325 (employee only) or $650 (employee + spouse, employee + child or employee + family) as additions to your Health Savings Account (HSA) or Health Reimbursement Account (HRA).

Completing and downloading the provider form

If you need assistance, there are several resources to help you. First, detailed instructions can be found on the “Completing 2019 Healthy Boiler Incentive – Portal Submission Option” quick reference guide. Second, the Purdue Healthy Boiler Portal Review provides a video-guided look at the portal’s capabilities, including how to upload incentive requirement information for 2019. In addition, the “Earn” tab in the portal’s top navigation details how to log activities to earn incentive credit.

Checking if you have completed the incentive requirements

We have made it easier for you to check to see if you have completed the requirements for earing the 2019 Healthy Boiler incentive. First, the benefits statement that was recently mailed to your home shows all those who have completed the requirements as of July 15, 2019. Second, upon logging into the Healthy Boiler portal, you will see a green check mark and circle indicating COMPLETED for the 2019 Incentive Program on the home page once you have successfully completed the incentive requirements – as shown in the image below.

portal screen shot

Third, if you click on the Earn link in the top navigation of the Healthy Boiler portal, you will again see the green check mark and circle indicating COMPLETED as your 2019 Incentive Status on the Earn screen – as shown below.

portal screen shot

Again, there is still time to earn the incentive; simply follow the steps outlined in the above resources by Sept. 30, 2019! If you believe you have completed the physical and biometrics screening and uploaded the information into the portal, but are not seeing the green check mark and circle, be sure to go back and double check the instruction resources shared above. To successfully complete the requirements and earn the incentives, the information must be uploaded exactly how the instructions outline and completed by the Sept. 30, 2019, deadline.

Protections from disclosure of medical information

As a reminder, the Healthy Boiler Wellness Program Disclosure Information (page two of the provider form) explains the protections from disclosure of medical information in regards to the Healthy Boiler program. Simply put, your personal health information is not ever shared or disclosed; aggregate information may be used to design programs based on identifiable health risks for the overall population.


Any questions can be directed to Human Resources at, 765-494-2222 or toll-free at 877-725-0222.