Former Projects – Soil Microbial Ecology Lab

Former Projects

A participatory approach to conserving soil biodiversity and promoting sustainable agricultural development in Colombia


Urban agriculture site in Medellin Colombia

Biological approaches to sustainable mint production


Indiana peppermint field infested showing symptoms of Verticillium wilt

Healthy transplants for healthy crops: developing a protocol for organic transplant production


Tomato transplants subject to different microbial treatments before transplant at Purdue's student farm

Collaborative research to identify fertility amendments that improve soil quality and mediate pathogen outbreaks on organic vegetable farms



Biological control of Phytophthora blight in Indiana vegetable crops



Breaking new ground with hops in Indiana: varieties, trellis systems and a collaborative stakeholder network


 Former research technician, Natasha Cerruti, training hop vines at Purdue's Meigs research farm

Plant breeding and agronomic research for organic hop production



Genetic control of wheat root microbiomes and their role in nutrient uptake and pathogen suppression



Organic orchard floor management


Picture of me with an apple from one of my PhD projects at Washington State University

Identifying the best approach to transition to organic grain production in eastern Washington


A robust cover crop being grown to improve soil health and suppress weeds in organic grain production systems as part of my PhD research at Washington State University

Benefits of integrated farming systems in eastern Nebraska



Riparian area design to prevent contamination by agricultural fertilizers