Welcome Mya Hagerty and Alessandra Baravaglia! – HLA Happenings

Welcome Mya Hagerty and Alessandra Baravaglia!

Photos of Mya and Alessandra in the HORT garden.

Yiwei Huang‘s Lab welcome two new members, a Master of Science of Landscape System and Design student, Mya Hagerty, and a visiting scholar from Tuscany, Italy, Alessandra Baravaglia
Mya graduated with an undergraduate degree in Brain & Behavioral Sciences this past spring from Purdue University and is excited to combine her interests in a unique way in HLA.
Alessandra holds a master’s degree in economics science – Production Systems Territory and Sustainability. She has an in-depth understanding of environmental issues in the local economic system, and she is passionate about ecosystem services, green urban areas, and urban food production.
Welcome to HLA, Mya and Alessandra!
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