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Welcome Gloribel Rosales-Burdin!

Hello, my name is Gloribel Rosales-Burdin (she, her), I go by Gloribel or Glory, just not Gloria please :D. My strengths are strategic, ideation, learner, developer, and restorative. I am so excited to introduce myself as the new Senior Academic Advisor for Horticulture and Landscape Architecture (HORT/LA) at the College of Agriculture.

When I am not advising or teaching, I love spending time with family, my husband Chris, our spunky six-year-old daughter, Ada, and our three little doggies, Keiko, Susi, and Estrellita. We also have a large extended family we spend a lot of time with when we can, which is every week, we love them! 😀

Along my professional journey (and why I was hired, maybe, jkjk), I bring my evident energy, many years of experience in higher education, and most recently as a Purdue Polytechnic academic advisor in construction management technology. Which has made the move to HORT/LA that much more exciting. Experiential and reflective learning is my jam! It is so cool to think about the skills and knowledge our students will acquire and take out into the world to cultivate beautiful things (pun intended).

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