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LA Faculty Attend the Annual CELA conference

The 2024 Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture (CELA) Conference was successfully held at St. Louis, MO. Four landscape architecture faculty attended the conference, including Erin Percevault, Sean Rotar, David Barbarash, and Yiwei Huang. The featured presentations are:

  • “Combining Cohorts: A case study of student integration and experiences” presented by Sean Rotar and Dave Barbarash
  • “Simulating Sites: predictive human behavior in proposed designs” presented by Dave Barbarash
  • “Enhancing Human Factors in the Pedagogy of Landscape Architecture”, a panel featuring Yiwei Huang
  • “Naming as Landscape Activism” presented by UC Davis professor Claire Napawan, and U-Florida professor Linda Chamorro and Yiwei Huang

Dave Barbarash and Yiwei Huang Serve on CELA Board

The Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture (CELA) conference announced leadership transition. Dave Barbarash  is elected as the 2nd Vice President for Awards. Yiwei Huang is elected to be the regional director for Region 5.

Sean Rotar elected as Sigma Lambda Alpha president

Sigma Lambda Alpha, the Honor Society of Landscape Architecture, announced its Board of Directors transition during CELA conference. LA program chair Sean Rotar has been elected president for 2023-2025 Sigma Lambda Alpha Board.

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