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Handa Lab Hosts Two Visiting Senior Research Scientists

Dr. Amolkumar Solanke and Dr. Nimmy Manduparambil Subramanian, two Senior Research Scientist from  National Institute for Plant Biotechnology,  The Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR),PUsa Campus,  New Delhi,  will be visiting Professor Avtar Handa Laboratory for two weeks (October 11 to October 24, 2022). The purpose of their visit is to discuss and learn recent development of postharvest technology, especially shelf life of horticulture crops.

Dr Amolkumar will also present a seminar entitled  “Understanding rice-Magnaporthe oryzae interactome for blast resistance in rice” on October 21st2022. Please welcome them next week and if you like to meet with them please contact Dr. Handa (ahanda@purdue.edu).

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