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2023 HLA Fall Seminar: Andy Fox, FASLA, PLA

Flyer for 2023 HLA Fall Seminar: Andy Fox, FASLA, PLA.

Andy Fox, FASLA, PLA

Professor, NC State University Department of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning Director and co-founder, Coastal Dynamics Design Lab

Thursday September 28th, at 3:30pm, HORT117 or join via Zoom

“Adaptation and Agency: Strategies for Accelerating Recovery and Resilience in Flood‐Vulnerable Communities”

Abstract: Water is the lifeblood of communities across the southeastern U.S., with many places owing their location and existence to the abundant natural resources provided by rivers, tributaries, floodplains and coastlines. These natural features, including their propensity to flood, have made lasting physical and cultural impressions that continue to shape and influence both town and region. Recent catastrophic floods and sea‐level rise predictions highlight the need to develop and deploy more holistic methods of analyzing and planning for flood risks. An issue limiting both the short‐term recovery and long‐term resilience of coastal and riverine communities stems, in part, from the inability of technical experts to translate, communicate, and incorporate highly specialized data into easily understood and implementable information capable of influencing decision makers.

This lecture will present action research that integrates aspects of geospatial analysis, landscape planning, community development and heritage conservation to assess, confront and communicate opportunities and challenges to communities who are recovering from floods. The presentation will share strategies that synthesize data, policies, and programs into an integrative, scenario‐based landscape planning approach to provide elected officials, municipal staff, and property owners with the information needed to address issues and inform priorities related to adapting their communities to a changing environment. Collectively, the projects and processes discussed are actively building community resilience through strategic design practices that couple feasibility and suitability with long‐term ecological and community function, health, resilience, culture, and vitality.

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