2022 Purdue Turf and Landscape Field Day – HLA Happenings

2022 Purdue Turf and Landscape Field Day

Thanks to the excellent weather, over 400 attendees came out to the Daniel Turf Center for the 2022 Turf and Landscape Field Day, presented by the Midwest Regional Turf Foundation. HLA faculty and staff who helped put on this program included Aaron Patton, Kyle Daniel, Ashley Breed, Cale Bigelow, Jada Powlen, Glenn Hardebeck, Ben Royal, Brandon McNally, Vera Vukovic, and Amanda Folck. Other participants included Tom Cresswell, Lee Miller, Asa McCurdy, Cliff Sadof, Doug Richmond, John Bonkowski, Fred Whitford, Joe Becovitz, and Aaron Kreider. A breakout session in the afternoon toured the Jules Janick Horticulture Garden with a focus on landscape diagnostics featuring Mike Dana, Kyle Daniel, Janna Beckerman, John Bonkowski, Tom Creswell, and Cliff Sadof.

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