Event Production


Each event that comes through Hall of Music Productions is assigned an Event Manager. The Event Manager coordinates the technical areas of lighting, sound, staging and video. All of the technical details are taken care of by Event Management, leaving the client to focus on other aspects of the production. We also assist in determining the best options for their particular event.

We collaborate with the client to create the event they envision while staying within budget. Event Management handles student organization events, small lectures, conferences, small and large concerts and professional touring shows through Purdue Convocations.

Serving as a resource to Touring Production and Stage Managers, our Event Production Managers provide collaboration which is indispensable to visiting artists and their staffs.  We’ve even been told that visiting Elliott Hall was “like taking a day off” because our staff takes such good care of the details!

Additionally, our staff serves in a capacity similar to that of a “co-producer” for events such as large conferences where our expertise in event design, planning and execution brings a welcome synergy to the process.