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PGSC Facility Guidelines

The Purdue Graduate Student Center is glad to extend the use of our facility to graduate student organizations for meetings and social gatherings. The Purdue Graduate School and the Purdue Graduate Student Government have established requirements and guidelines for groups using the Purdue Graduate Student Center.  

Scheduling Event(s)

Reservation requests should be made at least 48 business hours in advance of your event date in order to be approved and is not guaranteed.

  • If your group is a Purdue student organization and would like to hold an event at the Center, please go to the Purdue Student Activities and Organizations (SAO) website and follow the steps of planning an event. It will be necessary to submit an Activities Planning Form (APF) 14 days prior to your event date to get approval by SAO.
  • Purdue University departmental groups are welcomed! If you have any questions, call 765-496-0400. 
  • Space at PGSC can be reserved, up to a maximum of four (4) hours per day, for any activity focused on graduate students, whether the group making the reservation is student-led or non-student-led. The primary purpose of the Center is to provide space for graduate students and graduate student-led activities.
  • However, PGSG welcomes and eagerly encourages use of the space by non-student-led groups at any time not reserved by students. In order to facilitate this balance, PGSG directly reviews and approves certain types of reservation requests.
  • If your group/organization decides to cancel your reservations, it is important to please inform the Purdue Graduate Student Center (PGSC) immediately. Failure to notify PGSC could result in future limitations of your group/organization to be able to reserve space. Also, if your group/organization fails to show up within 30 minutes of your designated date and time, your space reservation will be considered cancelled and the space will be released.

Reservation requests requiring review and approval by PGSG include:

  • Requests outside the current semester.
  • Requests more than 30 days in advance by non-student-led groups during the academic year must be within the hours of 8 AM ending with event clean-up by 9 PM Mondays – Fridays.
  • Requests for unusually long or frequent reservations.
  • Requests for the Lounge between 8 AM to 5 PM Monday-Friday.
  • Requests for the PGSG Board Room.(room 108)
  • Please note that the intention is to approve requests whenever possible, and provide notice of such approval within 48 business hours.


Any additional questions or inquires can be made by contacting the Center at 765-496-0400 or emailing Purdue Graduate Student Center at

Use of the Center

The Purdue Graduate Student Center welcomes graduate students to our facility.  We know you understand that to maintain the usefulness of the various meeting areas, all users need to be respectful and considerate. The following expectations below apply to all groups reserving an event at the Center.

Food and Catering for Events at the Center

  • The organization/department is welcome to choose their catering service of choice. The delivery address is: 504 Northwestern Avenue, West Lafayette.
  • All groups are responsible to supply their own paper goods, such as: plates, eating utensils, napkins, cups, etc.
  • Groups must supply their own hand sanitizer for their event.
  • Food/meals must be consumed within the room designated for your group’s event. Due to fire codes hallways are NOT designated areas to serve or a place to stand/sit and consume food.
  • All groups are responsible for their own trash removal. Please ask the person at the front desk where the convenient dumpster is located.


  • All student organizations are required to have an Event/ Activity Planning Form (EPF or APF) filed with Student Activities Organization (SAO) at least two weeks in advance of your event. Approval on your event at PGSC will be pending approval by SAO.
  • If for any reason your organization needs to cancel or change its reservation, please contact PGSC immediately. Reserving space and not communicating a change will result in possible suspension for future reservations.
  • Please do NOT take or misuse items that do not belong to you or your group.
  • Decorations – a few days prior to your event, please review and seek the approval of your decoration plans with the PGSCenter’s Senior Administrative Assistant/Building Deputy. Decorations will NOT be allowed to be attached to any walls, windows, picture frames, screens, etc. Also, NO items will be allowed to be secured to the ceiling tiles or grids. At the end of your event, all decorations must be completely removed from the premises.
  • There is a Post Event Cleaning Checklist and we will require for your organization to complete that at the end of your event. This will be located at the lobby desk on a clipboard.
  • Carpeted Areas – please immediately clean any spills or stains, as much as possible AND report this to the person at the lobby desk. Failure to report this during or post your event, could result in a cleaning fee to be assessed to your organization/ department.
  • Please wipe down all tables and counters where food was served and where participants consumed the food. (An Event Cleaning Supply bucket (red) with supplies is located in the kitchen)
  • Furniture may be re-arranged to suit the needs of the meeting group, but must be returned to its original arrangement at the end of the event.   
  • Any garbage from your event is required to be removed from our facilities. Trash and/or recycles can be taken to the dumpster located behind the parking garage near WANG or taken with you.
  • All food & containers MUST leave with your group.
  • If you wish to donate food to the Center – tags are available in the kitchen.
  • If your group uses our kitchen – we will require you to please spray and wipe down ALL counter tops with a cleaner that will provided.
  • Please wash, dry & put away all dishes. All sinks must be free of any items & food particles.
  • If you use the microwave, please clean it.
  • Cooking of any kind is not permitted on PGSC premises without the express written permission of the PGSC Senior Administrative Assistant AND SAO.
  • A full-size refrigerator is available for storing food items prior to your event. Please consult with the Senior Administrative Assistant at the Center in advance. Please be sure to clean up any spills and messes left by your food items inside the refrigerator.
  • Should your event be revenue based, authorization is required from the BOSO and/or SAO office(s). 
  • Smoking and the use of alcoholic beverage in or around the Center are prohibited. 
  • Exiting the Center will need to be done through the handicap door of the main entrance. 
  • The basement area is off limits.
  • Use of the Center must be restricted to the specific graduate student organization reserved. Children will not be allowed to run free within the Center and must be supervised by an adult.
  • Any violations of expectations, mistreatment or damages within or outside the Center (that are beyond normal wear and tear) will result in suspension of future use of the Center and/or charges for cleaning/damage assessments to your organization / department.

Room Reservation Request Form

Use of the Purdue Graduate Student Center is a privilege and we look forward in providing an inviting space for your event and your guests!  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 765-496-0400.  Thank you!

Ernest C. Young Hall, Room 170 | 155  S. Grant Street, West Lafayette, IN 47907-2114 | 765-494-2600

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