Battery Safety

Project Description

The focus of the performed work is on understanding the effect of in-operando dynamic load (impact) from transportation on lithium-ion battery service behavior and failure. Experiments focus on imitating transportation environment for lithium-ion battery (LiB) and reveal the change in lithium-ion battery electrode behavior in term of mechanical, chemical and thermal properties. A Purdue specific technology called Nanomechanical Raman Spectroscopy (NMRS) is used to understand thermal and chemical changes in battery electrodes in-situ during simulated transportation loading. Specifically, experiments focus on how electrode scale thermal runaway and failure happens in such batteries under dynamic vibrational and impact loading. A new breed of sensors is being designed to predict early LiB failure based on sensors' locations within the battery with experimental observations.


Veteran engagement

In the first year Cadets Jafr Kazmi, Megan Kinsey, and Ammon Okazaki were been involved in three week long projects. In addition, Naval ROTC William John Kellerhals II worked with team for whole year. In the second year, Midshipman Joseph Bevilacqua, Midshipwoman Casey Jones, Naval ROTC William John Kellerhals II, Naval ROTC Eion G Keating, Naval Veteran Jonathan Alvarado are involved. The involved graduate students, Ryan Adams, Mihit Parekh, and Bing Li, have also worked closely with Cadets, Midshipmen, Midshipwomen, ROTCs, and veterans to develop scientific skills such as literature surveying, data analysis, and presentation of scientific results to aid professional development for the their future scientific endeavors.

Technology Transfer

NRL has started working with us (Dr. Corey Love). Dr. Adams visited NRL to observe capabilities. Dr. Love also participated in the first and the 1.5 year reviews. Pol visited NPS and a collaborative research manuscript is published in ‘Carbon’ journal jointly with Dr. Phillips and Dr. Luhrs from NPS.


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