Impacting Global Sustainability

The challenges facing a world trying to keep up with a burgeoning population are immense. The depletion of natural resources, uncertainty surrounding food supply, critical climate change, and future energy production are international problems and require concentrated, interdisciplinary action.

Discovery Park’s initiatives are helping to solve these intractable problems in all four corners of the globe. From developing new strains of sorghum in Africa and building culturally-sensitive, collaborative institutes in South America to studying the effects of climate change here at home, Purdue students and researchers are intimately involved with every piece of the sustainability puzzle.

Center for Innovative and Strategic Transformation of Alkane Resources (CISTAR)

CISTAR's vision is to create a transformative engineered system to convert light hydrocarbons from shale resources to chemicals and transportation fuels in smaller, modular, local, and highly networked processing plants. The CISTAR team will develop innovative process designs for economic production of liquid chemicals and transportation fuels from shale gas hydrocarbons. Researchers also will explore novel approaches for converting methane to chemical intermediates, which can then be used as a feedstock for conversion to liquid fuels.


Center for Global Food Security

With the world population expected to reach 9.6 billion by 2050, there is growing concern about meeting the rising demand for food. The Center for Global Food Security is researching the causes and consequences of food insecurity and discovering ways to feed more people across the globe.

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Center for the Environment

C4E is a major home of interdisciplinary, problem-driven research and teaching at Purdue focused on some of the world’s largest environmental problems. C4E faculty are currently working on problems ranging from eliminating hazardous electronic waste, to reducing nutrient runoff in farm systems, to understanding the fate and transport of new chemicals in our soil and water. A new research initiative and cluster hire is building on existing strengths at Purdue University related to the study and practice of building more resilient and sustainable communities through interdisciplinary work on three areas: informal institutions and decision making, critical infrastructure systems, and resilient systems.

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Purdue Climate Change Research Center

The Purdue Climate Change Research Center is a collaborative hub for interdisciplinary research on climate change. From its inception, the PCCRC has challenged itself to build a community of researchers working with the perspective that human and natural systems should be studied as an integrated whole.

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