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How do I view and export the data for a Survey in Brightspace?

  1. From the course navigation bar, click Course Tools and select Surveys from the drop-down.
  2. Click the drop-down icon to the right of the survey name and select Statistics from the drop-down. This will enable you to view submissions individually by student.
  3. If you would like to export the data in a spreadsheet format, click the name of the survey, click the Reports Setup tab, and then click Add Report.
  4. A survey report enables you to choose how to export the data. Brightspace describes the two report types as:

    • Summary Report- You can display aggregate data for multiple choice, true and false, Likert, multi-select, and matching question types. You can also display text responses for written response, short answer, and fill in the blanks question types.

    • Individual Attempts- This report displays each attempt individually. You can choose to hide the user’s first and last name when the Individual Attempts report is viewed.”

    Source:  Brightspace Resource on Surveys

  5. Customize the report how you would like. Under the Release Report To section, be sure to select Instructor and any other roles that should be able to access this report (i.e. Teaching Assistant, Grader, etc.).

  6. Click Save when finished. Then click Save and Close.

  7. Click the drop-down icon to the right of the survey name and select Reports from the drop-down.
  8. Click the name of the report you just created and click Generate HTML.
  9. Near the top-right, select the file format you wish to download.

 Last Updated: 1/8/2022