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Unix man pages for External Libraries

These UNIX manual pages are available for describing facilities in the I2A2 libpuidX external library. Their nroff sources and plain text renditions are in libpuidX

authzchar(1) -- describes a simple program that loads the I2A2 characteristics and macros, then expands and lists the macros.

puid_b64(3) -- describes functions for handling base 64 strings

puid_b64tostr() -- decode a base 64 string
puid_strtob64() -- convert a string to base 64

puid_char(3) -- describes these functions for managing authorization characteristics and characteristic macros:

puid_ck4macro() -- check for macro
puid_expandmacro() -- expand macro
puid_getcharall() -- get all characteristics
puid_getcharbyaddr() -- get a characteristic name by its address number
puid_getcharbyname() -- get a characterstic number by its name
puid_getenv() -- get a PUID environment value
puid_hashXch() -- hash by characters
puid_loadchars() -- load characteristics
puid_loadmacros() -- load macros

puid_strerror(3) -- describes a function that converts a PUID internal error code to an error message. This function is present in libpuidX so that functions of puid_char(3) can be used internally and externally. Puid_strerror(3) is of less use to I2A2 external programs than puidnetd_strerror(3).

puid_x509ext(3) -- describes these functions for operating on the Purdue extensions to an X.509 certificate:

puid_getcertOBJ() -- get a certificate's object identifier (OID)
puid_getcertPUID() -- get a certificate's PUID
puid_puissuer() -- check certificate's issuer

PUIDNETD(4) -- a description of the external protocol.

puidnetd_puid2str(3) -- describes a function for converting a PUID to a string:

puidnetd_puid2str() -- convert a PUID to a string

puidnetd_strerror(3) -- describes external protocol error handling support, including:

puidnetd_strerror() -- convert external protocol error number to message
puidnetd_errno -- the PUID error number

puidnetd_unpk(3) -- describes these functions for managing the unpacking of external protocol messages:

puidnetd_allocup() -- allocate unpack space
puidnetd_ckcd() -- check a PUID Luhn check digit
puidnetd_clrunp() -- clear unpack space
puidnetd_freeup() -- free unpack space
puidnetd_unpfld() -- unpack fields

puidnetdz_asmch(3) -- describes a function for handling authorization characteristics

puidnetdz_asmch() -- assemble authorization characteristics string

sslclnt(1) -- describes a sample client that makes client-side SSL connections to I2A2 net daemons and exchanges external protocol information with them. It will also make server-side only SSL connections.

Strictly speaking, sslclnt(1) isn't a library function. It's an application designed to be called from a shell command line and written to illustrate how to construct a similar client for a specific I2A2 application.

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