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Introduction to Library Functions                     puid_b64(3)

     puid_b64tostr(), puid_strtob64r() - base-64 conversion func-

     #include "puid_b64.h"

     char *puid_b64tostr(char *s);

     char *puid_strtob64(char *s);

     These functions convert strings to and from a slightly modi-
     fied version of the base-64 encoding specified in RFC 1421
     (see WARNING below).  The puid_strtob64() function converts
     an unencoded string to base-64, and puid_b64tostr() decodes
     strings encoded by puid_strtob64().

     Certain data sent to puid_authcdbm(8) must be passed as
     base-64 encoded strings. In particular, the password hash
     and certificates must be sent and stored in this format.

     When they succeed, both functions return a pointer to a
     newly allocated string, which the caller may later free(3).
     When they fail they return a null string, with errno set to
     0, meaning bad input.

     Contrary to RFC 1421, puid_strtob64() does not insert a
     CR/LF pair into the output when encoding long lines.  Nor
     can puid_b64tostr() convert base-64 input that includes
     embedded newlines. These functions should not be used to
     prepare RFC 1421 compliant input or to decode RFC 1421 com-
     pliant encodings!


     These functions are front-ends to slightly modified versions
     of the IMAP version 4.7 functions rfc822_base64() and
     rfc822_binary().  Local modifications by Jeff Smith

SunOS 5.8                 Last change:                          1


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