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Identity and Access Management

The Authorizer Lookup Command

l -- The Authorizer Lookup Command The lookup command is most often used with the authorizer DBM to test characteristics assigned to a PUID.

Characteristics are known associations the PUID has -- e.g., the person identified with the PUID is a student, is an employee, is enrolled in a particular course.


The puidnetd.hh symbol for the lookup command is PUIDNETD_CMD_LOOKUP.


These keys may be used to test a PUID's characteristics. The field identifier symbols come from puidnetd.h

  • a -- alias (PUIDNETD_DATA_AKA); do an exact match on the alias field value.
  • p -- PUID (PUIDNETD_DATA_PUID); do an exact match on the PUID field value.
  • X -- a characteristics test expression (PUIDNETD_DATA_EXP)

Testing Characteristics

An authorization characteristics Boolean expression, stored in the value of a PUIDNETD_DATA_EXP ('X') field, contains the logical representation of the characteristics test for a PUID.


A positive acknowledgement (ACK) reflector reply message may contain these fields. The field identifier symbols come from puidnetd.h

  • a -- an alias (PUIDNETD_DATA_AKA);

  • N -- a common name (PUIDNETD_DATA_CNM);

  • p -- PUID (PUIDNETD_DATA_PUID); a unique PUID;

  • v -- a true (1, one) or false (0, zero) expression evaluation value (PUIDNETD_DATA_EXPV).

A negative acknowledgement (NAK) reply with contain these fields.

  • e -- an error code (PUIDNETD_DATA_ERRC);

  • M -- a message (PUIDNETD_DATA_MSG).


Here is an example that applies the characteristic tests, "Is the PUID a student who is currently enrolled in C S 180?" to PUID 18.

The student characteristic number is 1; the characteristic number for C S 180 is 1003722. See the description of the characteristics lookup command for more information on how to find characteristic numbers.

External protocol lookup command message:

l p18 X0 & 1003722

Positive acknowledgement (ACK) reply when the test result is true:

a NFOO BAR p18 afoobar v1

Positive acknowledgement (ACK) reply when the test result is false:

a NFOO BAR p18 afoobar v0

Negative acknowledgement (NAK) reply:

n e17 MPerson not found (75)

17 is the external protocol PUIDNETD_EDBME error code. 75 is the internal protocol error number from the DBM, expanded in the first part of the message (PUIDNETD_DATA_MSG) field.

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