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'c' - Look Up Authorization Characteristic Command

Given a characteristic number or its name, the PUIDNETD_CMD_CHLKUP command ('C') will provide the corresponding name or number.

This lookup operation is equivalent to the visual scan possible through the characteristics list.

The authorizer DBM uses an indexed version of the flat characteristics file available via the characteristics list.

When a lookup succeeds, a positive acknowledgement reply (ACK) results. It contains the located information.


Here are some cautions about characteristic names.

  • Spacing is important -- "CS" is not the same as "C S".
  • Prefixes are important -- "C S 180" is not a course characteristic name; it's "Course: C S 180".


Here is an example of looking up the characteristic for "C S 180" and then looking up the name for its number.

Note that spacing is very important, particularly in department names -- "CS" is not the same as "C S".

External protocol command to look up by name:

C zCourse: C S 180

The Reply:

a Z1003722

External protocol command to look up by number:

C Z1003722

The Reply:

a zCourse: C S 180

Note that "Course: " is part of the name and must be included when a name is specified.


Errors receive a negative acknowledgement reply (NAK), accompanied by an appropriate error number and message.

Here's an example where "C S" was mistakenly entered as "CS":

External protocol command to look up by name:

C zCourse: CS 180

The Reply:

n e17 MCharacteristic number not found (266)

17 is the external protocol error number (PUIDNETD_EDBME), indicating the DBM returned an error. 266 is the DBM's internal protocol error number, expanded in the message (PUIDNETD_DATA_MSG) field.

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