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Identity and Access Management

Authenticator DBM Get Information Command

The authenticator DBM returns information about its internal state in response to an 'i' command.

The information is returned in message fields, identifier 'M' (PUIDNETD_DATA_MSG in puidnetd.h).


The puidnetd.h system or the 'i' command is PUIDNETD_CMD_GETINFO.

Default Information - The 'i' command with no options returns default information. (Some information is restricted to PUID_ROOT callers).


Reply message:

  MPID: <p0> b in malloc arena; (n,m) PUID range
MFWD: <p1> is forwarding child PID
MFWDLOOP: <p2> is the loopback forwarding child PID
MFWDPWD: <p3> is the authcdbm->acmaint password forwarding child PID
MTRANSDHLPR: <p4> is ACMAINT transd helper child PID


  • PID: The prefix for the default information.
    • <p0> is the Unix Process IDentifier (PID) of the DBM process
    • b in malloc arena is the amount of dynamically allocated memory in use in bytes (This information is restricted to PUID_ROOT callers).
    • (n,m) PUID range is the range of PUIDs known to the DBM
  • FWD:
    • <p1> is the "to authorizer DBM" forwarding child's PID.
  • FWDLoop:
    • <p2> is the "to authenticator DBM" forwarding child's PID.
    • <p3> is the "from ACMAINT" transaction helper child's PID.
    • <p4> is the "to ACMAINT" password forwarding child's PID.

N.B.: The number of reply messages varies depending on how many forwarding children are running when the query is made. The first message ("PID") is the only guaranteed reply.

Information Requests - Selections from a set of request characters may be supplied in the value of a message field accompanying the 'i' command. These request characters are supported by the authorizer DBM:

A -- get all DBM information (PUIDNETD_GIFO_ALL). (Some information is restricted to PUID_ROOT callers.) Example.

a -- get alias hash statistics (PUIDNETD_GIFO_AKA). (This information is restricted to PUID_ROOT callers.) Example.

b -- get a PUID's DBM-specific DBM ACL bits (PUIDNETD_GIFO_GETACL). Example. (This is a restricted option.)

p -- get PUID hash statistics (PUIDNETD_GIFO_PUID) (This information is restricted to PUID_ROOT callers.). Example.

q -- get queue statistics (PUIDNETD_GIFO_Q). (This information is restricted to PUID_ROOT callers.) Example.

r -- get information about the DBM's authentication realms (PUIDNETD_GIFO_REALMS). Example.

Restricted Options

Restricted options may only be used when a client application has authenticated with a Purdue certificate and the PUID so authenticated has DBM ACL permissions to use the option.

Restriction of some options or selected information of some options to callers whose PUID is PUID_ROOT is done for reasons of performance.

Parsing and Identifying Information Messages

DBM information is returned in messages that have unique prefixes. Client applications can scan the returned messages for ones of interest by using the prefixes. The prefixes are named in the option examples.

Option Information Descriptions via Examples

Descriptions of the information returned in response to the PUIDNETD_GIFO options are shown with examples. N.B.: Each of these options also returns the default information described above. The default information is not shown in the examples.

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