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Quote of the Day
Beware of the young doctor and the old barber.
-Benjamin Franklin

August 23, 2024Topic:
Colloquium: Family Life Course Pluralization and Differentiation across Liberal Regime Countries
STEW 209 and via Zoom

September 13, 2024Topic:
Colloquium: Prevalence, Diagnosis, and Support for Persons with Neurodegenerative Disorders and their Care Partners in Urban and Rural Areas
Via Zoom

October 4, 2024Topic:
Colloquium: Exploring Synuclein Dependent Cranial Sensorimotor Deficits
STEW 209 and via Zoom

October 18, 2024Topic:
Studying the Impact of Dementia Around the World: The HRS International Network of Aging Studies
STEW 218 and via Zoom

April 19-CALC Faculty Associate Satya Ambike explores the biomechanics of Parkinson's disease.
April 19-CALC Faculty Associate Nasreen Lalani receives Lorene Burkhart Award for Excellence in Research about Families.
April 15-CALC Faculty Associate Chad Carroll's NIH-sponsored research to focus on tendon health in individuals with diabetes.
March 21-CALC Faculty Associate Preeti Sivasankar appointed Vice President for Research Innovation.