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Melanie Morgan

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Email: morgan3@purdue.edu
Office: LAEB 2168 Map
Phone: (765) 494-3305
Fax: (765) 496-1394
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Professor of Communication

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PhD University of Kansas Communication Studies 1998

Research Interests

Melanie Morgan is an associate professor of communication. She also serves as the director of Purdue's basic presentational speaking course, COM 114. Morgan's primary research interest is in cognitive factors underlying communication skill development and message production. Her research has focused on the production of complex messages in a variety of areas, including aging, family, legal and scientific contexts. Recent journal publications have appeared in the Journal of Communication, Communication Studies, and the Southern Journal of Communication. Morgan is the author of Presentational Speaking: Theory and Practice, 5th ed., published by McGraw-Hill. She teaches courses in communication skills as well as consulting and training and development. Morgan holds a Ph.D. in Communication Studies from the University of Kansas

Selected Publications

Greene, J. O., Morgan, M., Anderson, L. B., Gill, E., Hall, E. D., Berkelaar, B. L., ... & Hingson, L. (2014). Formative Communication Experiences and Message Production Ability in Adulthood: Family Communication Patterns and Creative Facility. Communication Research Reports, 31(1), 41-52.

Morgan, M. (in press). Message design logic. The International Encyclopedia of Communication.

Morgan, M. (in press). Aging and information processing. The International Encyclopedia of Communication.

Morgan, M., Greene, J., Gill, E., & McCullough, J. (under review). The Creative Character of Talk: Individual Differences in Narrative Production. Communication Studies.

Bodie-Jones, A. & Morgan, M. (under review). Student Motivation and Issues of Teacher Confirmation and Immediacy: A Longitudinal Investigation. Southern Journal of Communication.

Greene, J.O. & Morgan, M. (2009). Cognition and information processing. In W.F. Eadie (Ed.,), 21st century communication: A reference handbook (pp. 110-118). Sage.

Morgan, M. (2008). Message Design Logic.International Encyclopedia of Communication. Blackwell Publishing.

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