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Arianna LaCroix

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Email: anlacroi@purdue.edu
Office: Lyles-Porter Hall 3154 Map
Phone: (765) 496-6219
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Assistant Professor in Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

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PhD Arizona State University Speech and Hearing Science 2019

Research Interests

Language and cognitive changes following brain injury (stroke, traumatic brain injury); changes in language and cognition observed in healthy aging.

Teaching Interests

Language and Cognitive Disorders in Adults, Research Methods


2020 - ASHFoundation New Investigators Research Grant
2018 - American Heart Association Predoctoral Fellowship

Selected Publications

Dovorany, N., Brannick, S., Johnson, N., Ratiu, I., & LaCroix, A. N. (2023). Happy And Sad Music Acutely Modulate Different Types Of Attention In Older Adults. Frontiers In Psychology, 14, 172.

Rogalsky, C., Basilakos, A., Rorden, C., Pillay, S., LaCroix, A. N., Keator, L., Mickelsen, S., Anderson, S. W., Love, T., Fridriksson, J., Binder, J., & Hickok, G. (2022). The Neuroanatomy Of Speech Processing: A Large-scale Lesion Study. Journal Of Cognitive Neuroscience, 34(8), 1355-1375.

Farahbod, H., Rogalsky, C., Keator, L. M., Cai, J., Pillay, S. B., Turner, K., LaCroix, A.N.,... & Saberi, K. (2022). Informational Masking In Aging And Brain-lesioned Individuals. Journal Of The Association For Research In Otolaryngology, 1-13.

LaCroix, A. N., James, E., & Rogalsky, C. (2021). Neural Resources Supporting Language Production Versus Comprehension In Chronic Post-stroke Aphasia: An Activation Likelihood Estimate Study. Frontiers In Human Neuroscience, 1-23.

Fitzhugh, M. C., LaCroix, A. N., & Rogalsky, C. (2021). Distinct Contributions Of Working Memory And Attentional Control To Sentence Comprehension In Noise In Persons With Stroke. Journal Of Speech, Language, And Hearing Research, 1-12.

LaCroix, A. N., Baxter, L. C., & Rogalsky, C. (2021). Auditory Attention Following A Left Hemisphere Stroke: Comparisons Of Alerting, Orienting, And Executive Control Performance Using An Auditory Attention Network Test. Auditory Perception And Cognition, 1-14.

LaCroix, A. N., Tully, M., & Rogalsky, C. (2020). Assessment Of Alerting, Orienting, And Executive Control In Persons With Aphasia Using The Attention Network Test. Aphasiology, 1-16.

LaCroix, A. N., Blumenstein, N., Tully, M., Baxter, L. C., & Rogalsky, C. (2020). Effects Of Prosody On The Cognitive And Neural Resources Supporting Sentence Comprehension: A Behavioral And Lesion-symptom Mapping Study. Brain And Language, 203, 104756.

LaCroix, A. N., Blumenstein, N., Houlihan, C., & Rogalsky, C. (2019). The Effects Of Prosody On Sentence Comprehension: Evidence From A Neurotypical Control Group And Seven Cases Of Chronic Stroke. Neurocase, 1-12.

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