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Satyajit Ambike

Contact Information
Email: sambike@purdue.edu
Office: LAMB 110B Map
Phone: 765-496-0567
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Associate Professor of Health and Kinesiology

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PhD Ohio State University Mechanical Engineering 2012

Research Interests

Movement in biological systems. Focuses on age-related changes in human prehensile behavior and on human locomotion. Interested in (a) quantifying manual dexterity, (b) in measuring and modeling mechanics at the fingertip-object interface, and the (c) control of movement stability to facilitate adaptive movements.

Teaching Interests

Biomechanics of sports; Computational methods for movement analyses; Matlab programming for behavior scientists

Selected Publications

Altenburger P, Ambike S, Haddad JM, 2023, Translating Assessment Of Movement Synergies To Rehabilitative Practice. In Press: Phys Ther.

Villanueva A, Jang S, Stuerzlinger W, Ambike S, Ramani K, 2023, Advanced Modeling Method For Quantifying Cumulative Subjective Fatigue In Mid-Air Interaction. Int J HumComp Stud, 169:102931.

Rietdyk, S; Ambike, S, Amireault, S, Haddad, JM, Ling, G, Newtong, D, And Richards, EA, 2022, Co-occurrences Of Fall-related Factors In Adults Aged 60 To 85 Years In The United States National Health And Nutrition Examination Survey. PLoS One, 17(11):e0277406.

Kulkarni A, Cui C, Rietdyk S, Ambike S, 2022, Between A Walk And A Hard Place: How Stepping Patterns Change While Navigating Environmental Obstacles. Mot Control, 27(1):20- 34.

Cui C, Kulkarni A, Rietdyk S, Ambike S, 2022, Locomotion Control During Curb Descent: Bilateral Ground Reaction Variables Covary Consistently During The Double Support Phase Regardless Of Future Foot Placement Constraints. PLoS One, 17(10):e0268090.

Song J, Kim K, Ambike S, Park J, 2022, Hierarchical And Synergistic Organization Of Control Variables During The Multi-digit Grasp Of A Free And An Externally Fixed Object. Hum Mov Sci, 85:102994.

Naik A, Ambike S, 2022, Expectation Of Volitional Arm Movement Has Prolonged Effects On The Grip Force Exerted On A Pinched Object. Exp Brain Res, 240:2607-2621.

Cui C, Muir B, Rietdyk S, Haddad JM, Van Emmerik R, Ambike S, 2021, Sensitivity Of The Toe Height To Multi-joint Angular Changes In The Lower Limbs During Unobstructed And Obstructed Gait, J App Biomech, 37(3):224-232

Ambike S, Penedo T, Kulkarni A, Santinelli FB, Barbieri F, 2021, Step Length Synergy While Crossing Obstacles Is Weaker In Patients With Parkinsons Disease, Gait Posture, 84:340-345

Cui C, Kulkarni A, Rietdyk S, Barbieri F, Ambike S, 2020, Synergies In The Ground Reaction Forces And Moments During Double Support In Curb Negotiation In Young And Older Adults, J Biomech, 106:109837

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