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Nasreen Lalani

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Email: lalanin@purdue.edu
Office: JNSN 208 Map
Phone: (765) 494-5547
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Assistant Professor, School of Nursing

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PhD University of Alberta, Canada Nursing 2018

Research Interests

Aging and Palliative Care, Spirituality, Caregiving, Resilience, Mental Health, Post disaster Recovery

Teaching Interests

Pathophysiology, Mental Health, Palliative care, Spirituality, Qualitative Research, Advanced Nursing Concepts


2020 - Purdue Agricultural Science and Extension for Economic Development (AgSEED)
2018 - SSHRC Insight Grant
2016 - Alberta Innovates Health Solutions, Red Cross, CIHR

Selected Publications

Lalani, N. (2020). Meanings and interpretations of spirituality in nursing and health. Religions, 11, 428; doi:10.3390/rel11090428.

Ali, G., & Lalani, N. (2020). Approaching spiritual and existential care needs in health education: Applying SOPHIE (self-exploration through ontological, phenomenological, and humanistic, ideological, and existential expressions), as practice methodology. Religions, 11(9), 451.

Lalani, N., & Ali, G. (2020). Methodological and ethical challenges while conducting qualitative research on spirituality and end of life in a Muslim context: A guide to novice researchers. International Journal of Palliative Nursing. 26(7), 362-370.

Lalani, N. & Chen, A. (2020). Evolution, meanings and significance of spirituality in nursing. Holistic Nursing Practice. (In Press).

Meghani, S., & Lalani, N. (2020). Critical care nurses as frontline warriors during Covid-19 in Pakistan. Connect: The World of Critical Care Nursing, 13(4), 196-201.

Lalani, N.; & Ahmed, I. (2020). Moral distress among nurses during Covid-19 pandemic in Pakistan: challenges and strategies. Journal of Pakistan and Medical Association. (In press).

Fulton, A. E., Drolet, J., Lalani, N., & Smith, E. (2020). Prioritizing psychosocial services for children, youth and families post-disaster. Disaster Prevention and Management: An International Journal. DOI 10.1108/DPM-09-2019-0310.

Drolet, J., Mc Donald Harker, C., Lalani, N., McGreer, S., Brown, M. R.G., Silverstone, P.H. (2020). Early Childhood Development Challenges in the Aftermath of the 2016 Wildfire in Alberta, Canada. Journal of Education in Emergencies. (In Press).

Drolet, J. L., McDonald-Harker, C., Lalani, N., McNichol, M., Brown, M. R., & Silverstone, P. H. (2020). Social, economic and health effects of the 2016 Alberta wildfires: Pediatric resilience. Journal of Disaster Research, 15(7), 833-844.

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