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Libby A. Richards

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Email: erichards@purdue.edu
Office: 226 JNSN Map
Phone: 765-496-9463
Fax: 765-494-6339
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Associate Professor of Nursing

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PhD Purdue University Health Promotion 2012

Teaching Interests

Population Health


2019 - Purdue University Research Equipment Grant
2018 - American Nurses Foundation
2018 - National Institutes of Health
2018 - Purdue University Center for Families
2016 - Purdue University Clifford B. Kinley Trust
2016 - Purdue University Cooperative Extension
2015 - American Nurses Foundation
2015 - Purdue University Department of Human Development and Family Studies
2015 - Purdue University Cooperative Extension
2015 - Dr. Scholl Foundation

Selected Publications

Richards, E. Woodcox, S., Forster, A. (In press). Statewide dissemination of an evidenced-based email program delivered through cooperative extension.Frontiers in Public Health.

Richards, E., & Woodcox, S. (In press). Program evaluation with Extension Educators: Examining the implementation of an email-based walking program. Journal of Human Sciences & Extension.

Aqell, M., Forster, A., Richards, E., Hennessy, E., McGowan, B., Bhadra, A., Guo, J., Gelfand, S., Delp, E. & Eicher-Miller, H. (2020). The effect of timing of exercise and eating on postprandial metabolism in adults: A systematic review. Nutrients. 12(1), 221-240. *Invited manuscript

Sorg, M., Coddington J., Ahmed, Z., & Richards, E.(2019). Improving postpartum depression screening in pediatric primary care: A quality improvement project. Journal of Pediatric Nursing. 46:83-88.

Richards, E., Thomas, P., Forster, A., & Hass, Z. (2019). A longitudinal examination of the impact of major life events on physical activity. Health Education & Behavior, 46(3): 398-405.

Yakimicki, M., Edwards, N., Beck, A., & Richards, E. (2019). Animal-assisted interventions and dementia: A systematic review. Clinical Nursing Research. 28(1), 9-29.

Franks, M., Richards, E., McDonough, M., Christ, S., & Marshall, M. (2018). Walking for Our Health: Couple-focused interventions to promote physical activity in older adults. International Journal of Health promotion and Education. 56(6), 280-288. *Joint authors listed alphabetically

Richards, E., & Woodcox, S. (2018). County extension-delivered, e-mail mediated walking intervention: A program evaluation. Health Education Journal. 7(5), 615-624.

Christian, H., Bauman, A., Epping, J., Levine, G., McCormack, G., Rhodes, R., Richards, E., Rock, M., Westgarth, C. (2018). State of the art review: Encouraging dog walking for healthy lifestyles. American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine. 12(3), 233-243.

Richards, E., Franks, M., McDonough, M., & Porter, K. (2018). "Let's Move": A systematic review of couple-focused interventions to promote physical activity. International Journal of Health Promotion and Education. 56(1), 51-67.

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