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Libby A. Richards

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Email: erichards@purdue.edu
Office: 247c JNSN Map
Phone: 765-494-1392
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Associate Professor of Nursing

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Pillars of Interdisciplinary Research Excellence

Social Contexts and Policy for Optimal Aging; Enhancing Biological and Physical Function in Later Life


PhD Purdue University Health Promotion 2012

Teaching Interests

Population Health


2022 - Indiana Center for Translational Sciences Institute
2020 - Purdue University College of Health and Human Sciences
2020 - Purdue University Center on Aging and the Life Course
2020 - Purdue University Clifford B. Kinley Trust
2019 - Purdue University Research Equipment Grant

Selected Publications

Richards , E., Christ, L., Rietdyk, S., Teas, E., & Franks, M. (In Press). Association Of Physical Activity And Gait Speed: Does Context Matter. American Journal Of Lifestyle Medicine.

Farley, Z., McDonough , K., Richards, E., & Smock, C. (In Press). Assessing Health Promotion Of #PhysicalActivity On Twitter Before And During The COVID-19 Pandemic: Codebook Development And Testing. Health Education Journal

Rietdyk , S., Ambike, S., Amireault, S., Haddad, J., Lin, G., Liu , J., Newton , D., & Richards, E. (In Press). Co-occurrences Of Fall-related Factors In Adults 60 And Older: A Cluster Analysis Using Data From The United States National Health And Nutrition Examination Survey. PlosOne. 17(1). After Lead Author, Authors Listed Alphabetically.

Rousch, M., Richards, E., Masterson, K., & Potetz, J. (2023). The Utilization Of Sunscreen Prescriptions To Increase Patient Use: Examination Of Healthcare Provider Perceptions. Journal Of Dermatology Nurses Association. 15(1): 19-28.

Lin, L., Guo , J., Li, Y., Gelfand, S., Delp, E., Bhadra, A., Richards, E., Hennessy, E., & Eicher-Miller, H. (2022). The Discovery Of Data-driven Temporal Dietary Patterns And A Validation Of Their Description Using Energy And Time Cut-offs. Nutrients. 17(7).

Thomas , P., Richards, E., & Forster , A. (2022). Is Marital Quality Related To Physical Activity Across The Life Course For Men And Women? Journal Of Aging And Health. 34(6-8): 973-983.

Richards , E., Woodcox, S., & Forster, A. (2022). What Works And For Whom? Outcome Evaluation Of An E-mail Walking Program Delivered Through Cooperative Extension. Journal Of Primary Care And Community Health. 13(1): 1-9.

Lin, L., Guo , J., Gelfand, S., Delp, E., Bhadra, A., Richards, E., Hennessy, E., Aqeel, M., EicherMiller, H. (2022). Joint Temporal Dietary And Physical Activity Patterns: Associations With Health Status Indicators And Chronic Diseases. American Journal Of Clinical Nutrition. 115(2):456-470.

Richards , E. & Woodcox, S. (2021). Barriers And Motivators To Physical Activity Prior To Starting A Community-based Walking Program. International Journal Of Environmental Research And Public Health. 18(20).

Aqeel, M., Guo , J., Lin2 , L., Gelfand, S., Delp, E., Bhadra, A., Richards, E., Hennessy, E., & EicherMiller, H. (2021). Temporal Physical Activity Patterns Are Associated With Obesity In U.S. Adults. Preventive Medicine. 148.

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