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Vicki L. Simpson

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Email: vsimpson@purdue.edu
Office: JNSN 238 Map
Phone: 765-496-3702
Fax: 765-796-6339
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Associate Professor of Nursing

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PhD Purdue University Health Promotion 2011

Research Interests

Community Networks; Health promotion and disease prevention for vulnerable populations

Teaching Interests

Population/Public Health; Health Promotion; Health Policy


2022 - Drug Free Communities
2021 - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
2021 - Health Resources and Services Administration
2020 - Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute
2020 - Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute

Selected Publications

Kovich, M., Simpson, V., Foli, K., Hass, Z., & Phillips, R. (2022). Application of the PERMA model of well-being in undergraduate students. International Journal of Community Well-Being (2022): 1-10.

Simpson, V., Hass, Z., Panchal, J., & McGowan, B. (2022). Understanding the development, evaluation, and sustainability of community health networks using social network analysis: a scoping review. American Journal of Health Promotion, 36(2), 318- 327.

Xu, D., & Simpson, V. L. (2022). Subjective well-being, depression, and delays in care among older adults: Dual-eligible versus Medicare-only beneficiaries. Journal of Applied Gerontology, 41(1), 158-166.

Simpson, V., Edwards, N., & Kovich, M. (2021). Enhancing Annual Wellness Visit Outcomes: Patient Perceptions and Provider Practices, in press, The Journal for Nurse Practitioners

Melnyk, B., Hsein, A., Tan, A, Gawlik, K., Hacker, E., Hoffman, J., Simpson, V., Burda, C., Hagerty, B., Willis, D., Holt, J., Gampetro, P., Fargo, A., & Glogocheski, S. (2021). The state of mental health and healthy lifestyle behaviors in health sciences faculty and students at Big 10 universities with implications for action. Journal of Professional Nursing, 37(6), 1167-1174.

Jo, S., Kurt, S., Bennett, J., Mayer, K., Simpson, V., Skibiski, J., Takagi, E., Metin Karaaslan, M., Ozluk, B., & Riefsnider, E. (2021). Nurses resilience in the face of 7 simpson_v_vitae coronavirus disease (COVID-19): An international view. Nursing and Health Sciences, 23(3), 646-657.

Simpson, V., Edwards, N., & Kovich, M. (2021). Conversations about wellness: A qualitative analysis of patient narratives post annual wellness visit. Geriatric Nursing, 42(3), 681-686.

Simpson, V., Pedigo, L., & Hamdan Rodriguez, M. (2021). Healthy food access and low-income teens: A photovoice approach, Western Journal of Nursing Research, 43(6), 542-550.

Simpson, V. & Pedigo, L., & Hamdan, M. (2020). Healthy Food Access and Low-Income Teens: A Photovoice Approach, Western Journal of Nursing Research. https://doi.org/10.1177/0193945920963800

Simpson, V., & Xu, D. (2020). Difficulties with health self-management by older adults: The role of well-being. Geriatric Nursing, 41(6), 984-991.

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