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Donna Xu

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Email: xu976@purdue.edu
Office: JNSN 250 Map
Phone: 765-494-4028
Fax: 765-494-6339
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Associate Professor of Nursing

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PhD University of Minnesota Health Services, Policy and Administration 2016

Research Interests

aging and long-term care, health outcomes and policy, quality of care, quality of life and prevention and management of chronic conditions

Teaching Interests

gerontology, biostatistics and evidence-based practice


2021 - National Institute on Aging
2020 - CEREBBRAL Pilot Grant, Purdue University
2020 - Minnesota Department of Human Service & University of Minnesota
2018 - American Nurses Foundation
2018 - Sigma Theta Tau International (Delta Omicron) Research
2018 - Clifford B. Kinley Trust Award, Purdue University

Selected Publications

Xu D, & Simpson VL. (2021). Subjective Well-being, Depression, And Delays In Care Among Older Adults: Dual-eligible Versus Medicare-only Beneficiaries. Journal Of Applied Gerontology. [In Press]

Simpson VL, & Xu D. (2020). Difficulties With Health Self-management By Older Adults: The Role Of Well-being. Geriatric Nursing, 984-991.

Drew JAR, & Xu D. (2020). Trends In Fatal And Nonfatal Injuries Among Older Americans, 2004-2017. American Journal Of Preventive Medicine. [In Press]

Ling J, Xu D, Robbins LB, & Meyer JS. (2020). Does Hair Cortisol Really Reflect Perceived Stress? Findings From Low-income Mother-preschooler Dyads. Psychoneuroendocrinology, 111: 104478.

Ling J, Xu D, Robbins LB, & Kao TS. (2020) Obesity And Hair Cortisol: Relationships Varied Between Low-income Preschoolers And Mothers. Maternal And Child Health Journal, 24: 1495-1504.

Xu D, Kane RL, & Arling G. (2019). The Relationship Between Nursing Home Quality Indicators And Potentially Preventable Hospitalization. BMJ Quality & Safety, 28(7):524-533.

Xu D, Gao J, Chen L, Mou H, Wang X, Ling J, & Wang K. (2019). Development Of A Quality Of Life Questionnaire For Nursing Home Residents In Mainland China. Quality Of Life Research, 28(8):2289-2297.

Xu D, Mou H, Gao J, Zhu S, Wang X, Ling J, & Wang K. (2019). Quality Of Life Of Nursing Home Residents In Mainland China: The Role Of Children And Family Support. Archives Of Gerontology And Geriatrics, 83:303-308.

Xu D, & Francis AL. (2019) Relationships Among Self-reported Hearing Problems, Psychological Distress, And Cardiovascular Disease In U.S. Adults, National Health Interview Survey 1997-2017. Journal Of Speech, Language, And Hearing Research, 24:1-10.

Xu D, Zhu S, Li H, Gao J, Mou H, & Wang K. (2019). Relationships Among Occupational Stress, Toileting Behaviors, And Overactive Bladder In Nurses: A Multiple Mediator Model. Journal Of Advanced Nursing, 75(6):1263-1271

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