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Patricia A. Thomas

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Email: pthomas4@purdue.edu
Office: STON 339 Map
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Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, Purdue University

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Ph.D. Duke University Sociology 2010
M.A. Duke University Sociology 2007
B.A. California State University, Fullerton Sociology and American Studies 2005

Research Interests

Aging, life course, social relationships, social position, and health

Selected Publications

Umberson, Debra, Kristi Williams, Patricia A. Thomas, Hui Luyi, and Mieke Thomeer. 2014. Race, Gender, and Chains of Disadvantage: Childhood Adversity, Social Relationships, and Health." Journal of Health and Social Behavior, vol 55(1): 20-38.

Zheng, Hui and Patricia A. Thomas. 2013. "Marital Status, Self-Rated Health, and Mortality: Overestimation of Health or Diminishing Protection of Marriage?" Journal of Health and Social Behavior, vol. 54(1): 128-143.

Sautter, Jessica, Patricia A. Thomas, Matthew E. Dupre, and Linda K. George. 2012. "Socioeconomic Status and the Black-White Mortality Crossover." American Journal of Public Health, vol. 102(8): 1566-1571.

Thomas, Patricia A. 2012. "Trajectories of Social Engagement and Mortality in Late Life." Journal of Aging & Health, vol. 24(4): 547-568.

McFarland, Michael J., Cheryl A. Smith, Loren L. Toussaint, and Patricia A. Thomas. 2012. "The Relationship between Forgiveness of Others and Health: Do Race and Neighborhood Matter?" Journal of Gerontology: Social Sciences, vol. 67B(1): 66-75.

Thomas, Patricia A. 2011. "Trajectories of Social Engagement and Limitations in Late Life." Journal of Health and Social Behavior, vol. 52(4): 430-443.

Thomas, Patricia A. 2011. "Gender, Social Engagement, and Limitations in Late Life." Social Science & Medicine, vol. 73: 1428-1435.

Thomas, Patricia A. 2010. "Is It Better to Give or to Receive? Social Support and the Well-Being of Older Adults." Journal of Gerontology: Social Sciences, vol. 65B(3): 351-357.

Thomas, Patricia A., Edythe M. Krampe, and Rae R. Newton. 2008. "Father Presence, Family Structure, and Feelings of Closeness to the Father among Adult African American Children." Journal of Black Studies, vol. 38(4): 529-546.

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