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Jiyeon Lee

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Email: lee1704@purdue.edu
Office: HEAV 202C Map
Phone: 765-494-3810
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Associate Professor of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

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PhD Northwestern University Communication Sciences and Disorders 2011

Research Interests

Language breakdown and recovery in aphasia, morphosyntactic processing in aphasia, aging, and related neurogenic disorders, time course of sentence production/processing in healthy and impaired speakers

Teaching Interests

Language Disorders in Adults, Aging and Communication


2009 - Northwestern University

Selected Publications

Lee, J., & Thompson, C. K. (2015). Phonological facilitation effects on naming latencies and viewing times during noun and verb naming in agrammatic and anomic aphasia. Aphasiology, 29(10), 1164-1188.

Lee, J., Yoshida, M., & Thompson, C. K. (2015). Grammatical Planning Units During Real-Time Sentence Production in Speakers With Agrammatic Aphasia and Healthy Speakers. Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, 58(4), 1182-1194.

Yoshida, M., Lee, J., & Dickey, M. W. (in press). The island (in)sensitivity of sluicing and sprouting. In Jon Sprouse and Norbert Hornstein (Eds.), Experimental Syntax and Island Effects. Cambridge: University Press.

Lee, J., Kwon, M., Na, H-R., Bastiaanse, R., & Thompson, C. K. (2013). Production and comprehension of time reference in Korean nonfluent aphasia. Communication Sciences & Disorders, 18, 1-13.

Thompson, C. K., Meltzer - Asscher, A., Cho, S., Lee, J., Wieneke, C., Weintraub, S., & Mesulam, M-M. (2012). Syntactic and morphosyntactic processing in stroke-induced and primary progressive aphasia. Behavioral Neurology, 25, 1-20.

Bastiaanse, R., Bamyaci, E., Hsu, C-J., Lee, J., Yarbay Duman, T., & Thompson, C. K. (2011). Time reference in agrammatic aphasia: a cross-linguistic study. Journal of Neurolinguistics, 34, 652-673.

Lee, J., & Thompson, C. K. (2011). Real-time production of arguments and adjuncts in normal and agrammatic speakers. Language and Cognitive Processes, 26, 985-1021.

Lee, J., & Thompson, C. K. (2011). Real-time production of unergative and unaccusative sentences in normal and agrammatic speakers: an eyetracking study. Aphasiology, 25, 813-825.

Perrachione, T. K., Lee, J., Ha, L.Y.Y., & Wong, P.C.M. (2011). Learning novel phonological contrasts depends on interactions between individual differences and training paradigm design. Journal of Acoustical Society of America, 130, 461-472.

Lee, J., Milman, L.H., & Thompson, C.K. (2008). Functional category production in English agrammatism. Aphasiology, 22, 893-905.

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